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tigris 01-30-2013 11:09 PM

Boarding Time
We head off from Sydney on Monday, and the documentation we have so far says we are "allowed" to start boarding from 11 AM. When reading a bit more, some other documentation the tone starts to change a bit and sounds extremely strict to the point where we might be in trouble if we don't board at the time allocated for our deck (11 - 11.30 AM).

I'm a huge Ravens fan, and the super bowl is on Monday morning Australian time. I was hoping to watch the game, which will finish about 2 PM and then board. But I also don't want to get in trouble for showing up late.

Does anyone know if the times are indeed as strict as some of the documentation makes out? How long does it take to check in if we have all our documentation ready to go? And would there be somewhere on the boat (maybe my own stateroom?) that gets local TV so I could finish watching? E.g. if it only takes 15 mins to board and we get there right on 11AM, then I may not miss too much of the game.

Dave 01-31-2013 08:02 AM

I don't know what they do in Sydney as far as embarkation protocol. It is much more open in the U.S. with no time windows for X deck. Do your documents have a note about the deadline time for guests to be checked-in?

Normally Royal Caribbean will show the Super Bowl and if the ship has a big-screen on the pool deck they will try to show it there and/or in at least one lounge.

Jim1012 01-31-2013 09:57 AM

Boarding Time
If I'm not mistaken, you're going on the Radience OTS out of Sidney. She has recently been upgraded, and I'm fairly sure that she now has a large screen TV on the pool deck-and by large screen, I mean 10 feet by 6 feet (about). hey should be showing the Super Bowl somewhere i on the ship, if not up there. Have Fun-Radience is a great ship for it's size.

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