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Nadine 12-26-2013 03:42 PM

Yippee! We're going cruising!
Just made the final payment on our Panama Canal cruise in March. It originates in Ft. Lauderdale and ends in San Diego.

It's our big splurge to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Can't wait!


billybuzzy 12-26-2013 07:51 PM

Nadine....Congratulations on the Anniversary and the manner in which you are celebrating it!!! As the younger generation says..."Way to Go"!!!!

Bon Voyage,


janfred 12-27-2013 04:12 AM

It is always so exciting when you make that finale know it is getting very close ! Funny how I never mind paying "THAT" bill !! Congrats, it is almost here. Please tell us about your cruise, a Panama Canal Cruise is on my list. Very excited for you two!

Dave 12-27-2013 07:42 AM

I've always wanted to do that itinerary. Maybe in 2015! But in the meantime, have a great cruise!

peter l 12-27-2013 10:22 AM

Congrats Nadine on the upcoming 50th Anniversary cruise this March. We will do a Panama Canal trip sometime in the future (not sure if East to West or a partial) as I would like to experience the canal. Enjoy !!!


billybuzzy 12-27-2013 05:03 PM

Nadine...We did a partial several years ago and entered the Pacific (Mira Flores) Locks thru to Gatun Lake, the Gaillard Cut crossing the Continental Divide is an awesome and inspiring life experience. I suggest reading a good book on the construction of the canal prior to the will enhance your adventure a full tenfold!!!


Nadine 12-27-2013 05:35 PM

Thank you all for sharing our excitement!

We have cruised through the Gatun Locks, into the Gatun Lake, and then back out. It was such an interesting experience. It just fueled my husband Don's desire to traverse (I think that's the right word!) the canal. When we were trying to think of something special to do for our anniversary, this was the cruise we chose.

BillyBuzzy, we had a guide on the ship a couple of years ago and learned a lot. But, I think I'll take your advice and get a book about building the canal and other history surrounding it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Once we get to the Pacific, I hope we will see some whales. I've been told that the migration might be over by the end of March. Maybe there will be a few stragglers.

Only 80 days until the cruise!


billybuzzy 12-27-2013 08:11 PM

Nadine....We have observed whale activity in Feb. 2011 not far from the Pacific entry point to the Canal and also in the Sea of Cortez near Cabo in Feb 2012. We are sailing to Hawaii in January and expect to be able to view the same on this Pacific Exploration. Perhaps We'll find the ever elusive "West Pole" (We are avid Anti-Arctic Explorers)...I think I saw it was a pole, sticking out of the ground somewhere in Maui with mileage signs posted upon it (Unfortunately I had been imbibing some of the deadly native brews and My memory is not clear...hence this expedition)!!! Have a wonderful Anniversary...if You observe the "West Pole" ...kindly post it on these pages...We may have made a major discovery of absolutely no consequence and thereby have snatched failure from the jaws of success!!!

Bon Voyage,


jack2007 01-01-2014 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by Nadine (Post 299585)
It's our big splurge to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Can't wait!

Here's an idea....
Wouldn't it be something to see the surprise on your husbands face if you arranged to have some locals standing with big ( Hand written ) cards or a long banner saying.....
Happy 50th Anniversary to my you stopped at one of the locks on the canal ?

Sandy 01-01-2014 03:10 PM

Nadine, congrats on booking the cruise, and particularly on your upcoming 50th anniversary! That's quite a milestone, as was the Panama Canal. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

The cruise lines usually have films or speakers about the Canal before you actually get there. Get a space on the rail early on one of the open decks, as you approach the Canal. Those spaces fill up fast.

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