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Danielle. 08-04-2009 01:08 PM

Okay, so my mom wants to take me on our first cruise together for my 21st birthday. But, we have no idea which cruise to take. I read the Royal Caribbean was best choice for younger (my age) and my mom since there arent to many younger children. We want to have fun (obviously for my 21st) but also the enjoyment of relaxation time. I would like to get off at ports and see/do alot of exciting things. What would u suggest we do or stay away from and why?

Any advise or insight is appreciated.

penny3333 08-04-2009 01:14 PM

Hi Danielle, welcome to Cruise-Chat. What a fantastic way to celebrate your 21st birthday. My advice would be to find a good travel agent that specializes in cruises. They can ask you all the pertinent questions and match the best cruise and cruise line for your requirements. You can't go wrong with any cruise, but a good agent will make the match that would best suit you. We've sailed on Princess, RCI, NCL, HAL, Costa, Carnival, and soon will sail on Celebrity. If it's the right itinerary, the right price, and the right time, I'll book it. I've never had a bad experience with any of the lines we've sailed, some have been better than others. My favorite, so far, is Princess, but that is because I enjoy their product others may not. Of course, you can always book more than one Best wishes, and happy birthday!

queenofcruzin 08-04-2009 01:30 PM

Well Danielle, first let me welcome you to cruise chat, alot of great folks who have helped me. I personally think Royal Caribbean is a great choice for a first cruise, and what a great 21st birthday present !! I will try and answer some of your questions. If you are trying to stay away from too many younger children, go on a cruise when the kiddies are in school. That limits the amount of children onboard. But really they do their own thing. Which cruise to take ? Well, when were you thinking of going ? Do the idea of rock walls, skating rinks, and malls onboard the ship excite you, or intimidate you ? Give us a little more information on what you like, and we can guide you better.

peter l 08-04-2009 04:04 PM

No matter which cruise line you choose, I'm sure that it will be a 21st to remember and the start of many more to follow...Great advise as to all your questions. Plenty to do on/off board on RCI. You'll have a great time.
Welcome to the chat.


cica 08-04-2009 09:29 PM

My daughter selebrate her 21 B-day on RCI she love Libery of the Sea. For young people it is wonderful. Go to and see for yourself

LaurenVuitton 08-05-2009 08:09 AM

Royal Caribbean is def the right choice! My boyfriend and I are in our early 20's and we cant get enough of cruising. The best cruises are the ones that go out of San Juan, because you get to see more and there are less "sailing days". You meet a lot of people and its always a great time! We are going on adventures of the sea in October, cant wait!

Salty45 08-05-2009 09:41 AM

Just to add my 2 cents worth, We think Royal Caribbean is Number 1 but we love the cruising days, there is so much to do when you are on the ship. Some people cruise for the ports of call but for us that is secondary. RCI has plenty to do no matter if you are 20 or 60. For a first cruise 7 days is a good choice (you maybe be one of the few that doesn't like cruising) but I'm sure that after the 7 days you will be booking your second cruise, it is very addictive. Good luck and let us know what you choose.


kls 08-05-2009 03:06 PM

I've only been on two cruises so I can't compare cruises to the same extent as some of the other people can. Our first cruise was 4 nights (Majesty of the Seas) and docked each day-Nassau, Coco Cay and Florida Keys. My two children were both in high school and liked being able to get off the ship each day-we parasailed, went to a beach in Nassau, rented wave runners, etc. Our second cruise was 5 nights (Navigator of the Sea) and we had two stops-Belize and Cozumel and two ship days. The Ship Days were fun, but I think we preferred being able to get off the ship more than staying on it. My daughter is 18 so wasn't able to go in the casino and while she could go in the bars with an adult, it wasn't a lot of fun for her during the day. During the day we rock climbed, sat in the sun, attended a couple classes in the spa, etc. I think she would tell you that at her age she prefers a cruise where she can get off the boat. While the spa classes were interesting-they were selling products so they seemed more like infomercials.

In Belize we went to a private island and layed in the sun all day. In Cozumel we went on an ATV trail ride, snorkeled and walked around the shopping center. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe-smallest one in the world. We arranged our ATV ride ahead of time through the cruise line. But you can also make reservations once you get off the boat-it is usually cheaper to do it that way, but you also take a chance that their are no openings. Royal Caribbean checks out the businesses that they recommend for Shore Excursions so you can feel pretty safe going with them.

I would suggest checking books out of the library for the different areas that you would like to visit and see what each area offers and then decide if you want a cruise that gives you a chance to get off the boat each day and visit those sites or if you would prefer a cruise with several ship days.

We sailed from Miami once and from Fort Lauderdale. Because we were doing shorter cruises we stayed in each city for a couple days and included that in our vacation plans. We love and recommend a couple days in South Beach if you sail from Miami.

We have considered cruising with Carnival, but changed our mind after someone who cruises a lot told us that Carnival is a little less expensive and as a result, has a younger crowd on board. That might be something that would appeal to you.

Enjoy your Mother/Daughter cruise. My daughter and I enjoyed ours a lot. There were several other mothers/daughters on the cruise too. Once you choose your cruise, you might want to find out if there are any other Mothers/Daughters on the same cruise using this website (roll calls).

Have fun planning your cruise.

Maurine 08-10-2009 01:17 PM

Danielle, I would suggest you first think about where you want to leave from. Maybe you live near a port. For instance, for my first cruise we wanted to leave from the the nearby port so we looked at the cruises out of that port. If you'll be flying to the port, then you have a lot of options.

I think you'll want to go someplace warm. I think the Caribbean would be great for you. I don't know how long you want to go for, but there are cruises of varying lengths. There is Eastern and Western Caribbean. I went on Eastern with stops in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Samana, and Labadee. Loved St. Thomas and Labadee.

I think you'll have a great time. Enjoy!

Maurine 08-10-2009 01:19 PM


we love the cruising days, there is so much to do when you are on the ship
Same here. There is tons to do or I just chill by the pool.

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