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carmena610 08-02-2009 09:45 AM Sorry also wanted to about Dave the Cruise much did everyone love this guy. I mean aside from being tall, slim, Australian and gorgeous...boy did Royal Caribbean pick the right guy for that job.....I went to every show...I loved that he started each show by saying.."Good day Explorer"...and we chanted back.."Good day Dave"...I mean he made everyone laugh during the day when he had the challenges i.e. ***y legs, belly flop and boy can he dance husband and I were amazed...we are Puerto Rican and know how to dance Salsa very husband said that he was the first white boy that could dance Salsa that good....that is a big compliment coming from my husband...he was born in Puerto Rico (I was born in NJ...but my parents are from PR) my husband learned how to dance Salsa at the age of he knows good Salsa....we were amazed....Dave really made our trip so much enjoyable as he made fun of a good way...that made everyone laugh....Kudos to you Dave...A Job Well Done!

I also want to give it up to my Waitress Jo-Rhonda...I loved her...she made us feel like we were the only ones on the ship....she made everyone feel that way...she knew our names the first day.....she remembered everything we liked...that is a gift. Love ya Jo....also her Assistant Waiter....Crawford...he was so down to earth and cool....we loved everyone on the ship...also our housekeeper Emmanuele & Juan that took care of our kids room.....I loved Emmanuel's accent..he is from St. Vincent...Caribbean the accent of people on the sophisticated...
Thanks to all those that made our 10 days feel like Paradise....the food was excellent as well!

penny3333 08-03-2009 11:08 AM

Carmena610, every ship I've sailed on, the crew has been phenomenal! I know people don't want to tip these amazing people, but I've never understood that. They make your cruise, the ship, the ocean, the beaches, are great, BUT the crew MAKES the cruise!

Sonny V 08-03-2009 07:55 PM

It's good to hear some praise the hard working crew members. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us.


Salty45 08-04-2009 05:21 AM

Just wanted to echo Sonny's remarks about how great the crew on these ships are. It seems each time we sail we think this is the best crew yet. It really annoys me that there are non-tippers out there and they are also some of the worst complainers.


carmena610 08-05-2009 05:55 PM

I Absolutely Agree.....I made sure that I tipped my regular tip and then gave them on top of that...every single one of them. They have such a gift that they make you feel so welcome...they put a smile on all of our faces everyday.....also conversation...we got to know our Waitress, Assistant Waitress, Matridee & Housekeepers....even folks at the Winjammer...all cultures on the ship...that is also what I loved about it....we had folks from Australia, Canada, Britain, Egypt, Venezuela, Puerto Rico (myself included) all walks of was amazing for my expose them to all different nationalities and was great!

carmena610 08-05-2009 06:05 PM

Speaking of first morning on the ship...I got up pretty early (I experienced motion sickness my first day on the ship) and went to work out...yes I am ana...excercise is part of my life and you just can't stop...expecially I knew that I was going to consume alot of anyway...there was French women about 7am complaining about how watery the coffee was....I had just worked out for about an hour and a half...I just wanted to have a cup of coffee before I had to wake the family up for breakfast....she is just going on and on....I ignored her and went on my merry way.....the next day....again same women...whinning about the coffee...I go up to get a cup of coffe and she taps me on the the shoulder and says "mam...that coffee is no good"..I kindly gave her what I call my ghetto look..the stare....and said to her "mam...yestday you were complaining about the same thing"...she gave me this look and said.."your point"...I said....exactly...if the coffee is not to your liking, don't drink is fine for dare I say that to her is the look I got.....she walked away....the wait staff gave me a smile and I went and had my coffee.....yes our 3rd day...I see her yet again.....nope no coffee orange juice.....I smiled at her and went and had my coffee....moral of the story....if you don't like something, don't drink/eat it! lol It was had to be there.....I have no tolerance for rude people...she was very loud every time she complained...she was looking for attention and at 7am in the morning and after a work one wants to listen to that non-sense...not even on

Dave 08-05-2009 06:16 PM

I had French style coffee at my hotel in London last week - served in an individual coffee press. It was awful with grounds floating in it and the overwhelming taste. I took a couple sips, decided it was not for me, and ordered some Earl Grey tea. I was then satisfied. People complain too much about silly things.

Maurine 08-10-2009 12:44 PM

When you go on a cruise, you need to factor in the tips for total price. Yes, it can seem like a lot, but the employees work really hard. I can understand that if a passenger felt an employee didn't do a good job or whatnot, you might not want to tip the full amount, but I think that's isolated.

I wonder about people who don't go to the dining room even once--if they are still tipping the waiters. I ate in the DR a few times, but ate mostly in the Windjammer Cafe. I noticed my waiters working in the WC. So even if you don't eat in the DR a lot, you still need to tip the waiters the full amount because they are working other places where they don't get tips.

I always saw someone doing cleaning. The employees do work really hard and IMO earn the tips.

penny3333 08-10-2009 12:55 PM

You're so right, Maurine, they don't have just one job, they're all over the ship. Dave, that coffee sounds horrible.

Dave 08-10-2009 01:01 PM

The basic breakdown for the dining room staff beyond dinner service:

Waiters work breakfast and lunch in the dining room (alternating as "waiters" and "assistant waiters").

Assistant waiters pull extra duty in the Windjammer, and also fill in at room service from time-to-time.

Headwaiters also pull extra shifts in both the dining room and the Windjammer.

Another thing RCI is working on: dining room waiters will take bar orders for their tables. This is to speed up drink deliveries, which can often be delayed when you have one or two bar waiters having to cover whole sections of the dining room. On our last RCI cruise the assistant waiter provided all soda card orders, and our waiter handled all the wine. Soon they will be getting those martinis and bottles of beer for you too.

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