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Jim1012 05-06-2010 04:38 PM

Ok, I've gone WAY over my normal head level, in that I've booked and paid for the Presidential Family Suite, cabin #6414 on Liberty for this coming September. All 10 of us have pre-paid for our standard tips, as is usual for us, but, never having had anything bigger than a balcony cabin, I'm not well versed in the extra costs of such a cabin. It's NOT that I don't expect to pay extra for such a great cabin, I just don't want to LOOK or ACT like I don't know what I'm doing or that I know whats what(even tho I don't). I've seen SonnyV's photos of the cabin on Freedom- SonnyV, have either you or Dave,or anyone else been in that cabin for a cruise, and know what would be normally expected for the extra service, etc.
Thanks for helping me not seem to be too much a newbee.

Dave 05-06-2010 04:49 PM

You've paid tips for 10 people for the suite. That is a big chunk of money. Did they charge you at the $3.50 or $5.75 rate?

In any case, I wouldn't worry about appearances. I might put another $100 in an envelope given the size of the suite, but not much more than that.

Jim1012 05-07-2010 04:55 AM

They charged me at the $3.50 level-it was enough, but not too much other than I expected. I just thought that there was a "butler-type", for lack of a better term, and that he'd be someone over and above the normal tipping planned; or, is he the normal cabin steward, and he's the one to get the extra $100 you're talking about? Either way, I can't wait for this one........of course I can't wait for any of them, but this one is really special!

penny3333 05-07-2010 06:28 AM

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!!!!! Fabulous. You HAVE to tell us about the cabin when you return. I'm not going trying to jump in on Dave's suggestion, especially since a balcony is all I've ever done. I think he's right, $100 is plenty extra. Unless, of course, you've hit the lottery

I am just super excited for you, so had to say Congrats. The family cruise is really going to rock!!

Dave 05-07-2010 06:31 AM

Royal Caribbean doesn't have butlers. You will most likely see your cabin attendant and a couple of assistants. The designated attendant gets any extra tip you decide on and they will take care of those helping them.

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