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lovelingling 09-14-2009 09:48 AM

We have 7 people including 3 younger kids. How much is it if we take a taxi? I know RCL charges $30 per person.

Thank you.

queenofcruzin 09-14-2009 10:07 AM

You can get a larger van taxi and the rates are posted, probably about $50 for all of you. I went with two friends last time and contracted a private car (SUV) for about $80, very nice, and I love to see peoples faces when they get to baggage and someone is holding a sign with their name on it. Makes them feel special and great way to start a cruise.

lovelingling 09-14-2009 10:19 AM

Thanks for your quick reply.
Do we need to book a taxi in advance? Or just find one when we get out of the air port? Are there many taxies outside of the airport?

Thanks again.

queenofcruzin 09-14-2009 10:37 AM

There are well marked taxi stands outside baggage, you will just get in line and request a larger vehicle. No problems, very easy to do. I love leaving from San Juan, beautiful there, and you usually leave later in the evening. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......sounds like heaven.

lovelingling 09-16-2009 02:08 PM

If we have to wait a bit longer for a van taxi, We will just take two cabs. Do we need to wait to catch two small cabs as we get out of the airport?
We just do not want to waste time there.

Thank you.

queenofcruzin 09-16-2009 03:01 PM

It is very organized at the San Juan Airport, and getting a taxi won't be long. But, on the way home leave at least 3 hoours to get to the airport and check in. Leaving San Juan with some cruise ships in port can be hectic. Although you have enjoyed the beautiful weather of the Carribean, flights can be delayed getting back to colder climates. My last cruise from San Juan, we got to the airport and they estimated a 2 hour wait,luckily I had upgraded to First class on the way home, and they checked in my travelling companions too.

Mike52 09-16-2009 04:58 PM

We sailed out of san juan this past april. You will not have trouble getting a taxi, as there are plenty of them and alot of them are vans

peter l 09-17-2009 09:51 AM

If I remember correctly also, the fares are set and you don't have to worry about looking for the best rates...We were also there in April and had absolutely no trouble from the airport to hotel, to the cruise ship and then after back to the airport.



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