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christineken 04-06-2010 08:06 PM

We are taking oure first cruise in May. We are cruising on Majesty of the Seas. I was wondering when we go into the ports Nassau and Coco Cay do we have to find our own lunches or are they covered by the cruise ship? Any hekp would be appreciated.

Cruise Fanatic 04-06-2010 08:37 PM

The cruise line will provide a Barbeque lunch in Coco Cay. They own the island. You are on your own in Nassau. However; you can go back to the ship at anytime and eat lunch, and then return back to town.

417rogers 04-07-2010 06:35 AM

As silly as it sounds...we really enjoy the Hard Rock Cafe in Nassau.....sitting out on the second floor balcony...people watching. There are so many choices.

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penny3333 04-07-2010 08:59 AM

Hi christineken, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Congratulations on your up-coming cruise! Hope you'll become addicted like the rest of us There are certainly plenty of choices in Nassau, but you can always go back to the ship for lunch, too. If y'all decide to eat in port, Margaritaville, Hard Rock, and some of the others will be less expensive than the Atlantis. I strongly recommend visiting the Atlantis, but want to caution you that it is expensive to eat/drink there. There is a free beach adjacent to Atlantis (Cabbage Beach) that is a very nice beach.

Coco Cay is a really nice private island. Great place to relax and play in the water.

Have a wonderful Cruise!

peter l 04-07-2010 10:15 AM

At Atlantis be sure to take in the aquarium as it is one of the highlights there in addition to seeing the beautiful works on display as part of the hotel common area.
I agree, it is very expensive to eat there.

Sonny V 04-07-2010 08:59 PM

I prefer to go back to the ship for lunch. Usually 3 or 4 hours ashore is enough for me.


penny3333 04-08-2010 08:30 AM

Sonny, you're getting ready to set sail again Bon Voyage Is this #58?

cousins 04-08-2010 03:15 PM

Key West: everything within walking distance. We are doing this cruise also. We have been to the Keys dozens of times (we live in So. FL) they have tons of little bar/grill type inexpensive restaurants down there and it is a safe place to walk. For me I'd rather eat for free on the ship
Nassau: You can eat lunch before getting off the ship. Coco Cay lovely BBQ put on by the cruiseline people!

MCPayne 04-08-2010 03:31 PM

This I guess depends on your preference. You can leave and come back to the ship as many times as you like. Example, leave in the morning and go ashore, come back for lunch, then go back ashore in the afternoon. However, be advised you must be back onboard 30 minutes prior to sailing. They will not wait for you unless you are on an excursion that you booked through the cruise line.

As people stated, there are plenty of choices in your ports of call. The BBQ lunch in Coco Cay was great! Call me old fashioned, but I just went to the Burger King in Nassau, had the BBQ at Coco Cay, and went to the Johnny Rockets on the ship when I was in Key West.

Dwayne 04-08-2010 10:14 PM


As silly as it sounds...we really enjoy the Hard Cafe in Nassau.....sitting out on the second floor blacony...people watching. There are so many choices.
Not silly at all. My cruise friends do that too. I always know where to find them. If it is a long port call I just go back to the ship for lunch, or get a real Cheeseburger in Paradise over on Blue Lagoon Island for Nassau.

While Key West isn't in the question, it was mentioned and BK in Nassau. So I wanted to pass along that the two story BK in Key West is now a Ron Jon's for those of us that like a lunch or quick snack in port. Gotta love walking from one end of Duval to the other with your mouth all set for a Whopper and find surf wear. Not!


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