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SingleCruisingSolo29 11-01-2005 09:03 PM

I just booked a last minute getaway on Carnival Glory Nov 5-12th. Single guy, 29 years old Canadian, looking to relax for a week in the sun. Am a friend of a ship staff but looking to meet other singles or younger couples to hang out with over the week. Hit the bars, clubs, the ports, join a table for dinner, perhaps a little romance? (Must be the Love Boat reruns on TV!)

NancyN 11-02-2005 05:50 AM

I am sure you will meet plenty of other people your age on the Glory. But, I would bet the ship staff has already told you that! Have a great time and do post an update and give us a "singles report" when you return.
Bon Voyage,

SingleCruisingSolo29 11-02-2005 07:01 AM

Thanks Nancy. I've cruised twice before with cruise staff... but the previous 2 times was with my, now, ex-wife. First time cruising as a single. Hanging out with the cruise staff can only go so far. They are restricted from certain areas of the ship, guest cabins, and God forbid... have to work during the day and evening. Love to meet up with a group of singles or younger couples. I love the more mature crowd too on the ship but this is my week to celebrate single-hood again. A little R 'n' R and a little fun!

NancyN 11-04-2005 04:08 AM

Well, I would expect that you will be a "hot commodity" on your cruise, as there always more single women on a cruise than available men. I do look forward to your report when you return - Have a great time!!!

swimmersonboard 11-05-2005 06:29 PM

I wish you a great trip too. Too bad you weren't going six months ago. My best friend who is single sailed with my husband and I and our kids. She would have loved a buddy!

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