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Mahya 12-13-2007 10:51 AM

Just got an e mail with offer Splendour of The Seas 20 days with free air, free 2 night pre stay Buenos Aires, free 2 night post stay Santiago for $1799. The price is right for such a big trip. But would need a female roomie to avoid the single supplement. I'm female, in my 50's and if I could figure out how to put up my pic, I would

jmcs 02-03-2008 07:14 AM

I am curious to know if you found someone. The South American cruises appeal to me as well, and there are amazing discounts being offered, but my husband is not free to take a vacation of that length.

If I were not already booked for a March cruise I would love to go with you.

Years ago they let you share a cabin with strangers and it worked fine for me. If there were great differences in age or interests it really didn't matter, you just went your own way. On the other hand, I still keep in touch with old room-mates from years ago.

Mahya 03-22-2008 12:03 PM


I'm sorry, I never received notice that there
was an answer to my question. ?? !! So I haven't
checked in until now and just saw your post.
No I didn't make that trip, (looked like the bargain of the century) but I do intend to maybe next year.

I'll be looking out for the same trip - although
I've been looking and haven't seen any offering the airfare with 20 days (: drat.

I wasnt able to go away during this time period
for various reasons, so am planning a fall trip
to Paris and maybe a cruise around the med as long as I\'m over there. Always looking for another gal to share - the dreaded single supplement on a lot of ships has gone up to
double !! instead of 50% more (:

Mahya 04-19-2008 10:27 AM

Keeping my eyes open for the same deal for late 2008 or jan, feb, mar 2009 although RCL is not running Splendour of the Seas to South America now, it seems to be Radiance of the Seas.

If anyone sees a cruise bargain around the Cape Horn similar to what they offered for March 2008 for 2009 please let me know. 20 days for 1700 including air was unbelievable. Found out air alone is $800 + and current prices look to be about $3000 !!!!!!!!

Maybe a last minute for December 08 will come up.

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