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gdjoslin 02-21-2011 08:24 PM

Forum links
I get two pages a lot while trying to use the new forum. I have Bit Defender, and I use Chrome for my browser. I do not have trouble using other forums or sites. I did not have trouble with the old forum site we had. I get the links?pages enough that I just do not use this site the way I used to.
Here are the page/links I get.

Here is a link to the photos

Dwayne 02-21-2011 09:16 PM

Gary, I wish I could help but I am not familiar with either of those systems. I use Firefox and haven't had those problems. Dave may know though.

Dave 02-22-2011 03:05 AM


It is a Chrome issue. Caribbean Mag was cyber attacked and Google tagged it as a malware site with their browser. Since many use the Caribbean Mag countdown tickers you get the warning for our site. As for the 2nd screenshot you get, it is likely a cookies/cache thing - again only for Chrome.

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