Glacier Bay Port Guide

A huge number of glaciers and freezing ice fields frame the Yakutat Bay area; Hubbard Glacier Port brings you to North America’s largest tidewater glacier; i.e.  a glacier that falls into the sea and claves icebergs. The Hubbard Glacier has been moving, continuously thickening, and moving forward Alaska’s Gulf. Its movement was first mapped in 1895 by the International Boundary Commission and is still advancing up.

Hubbard Glacier’s full length extends more than 90 miles long while it covers more than 1,350 square miles in region. It is a wall of 300-foot ice mounting sheer and jagged peaks from the ocean. Splashing of waters can be heard whenever pieces of glaziers break off and float in the water. This process is called calving. This remarkable ice activity can be seen with a closer look when you visit Hubbard Glacier Port in Alaska.


Most shopping places and stores are located on a nearby city. Alaska does not have much contribution when it comes to manufacturing or having their own unique trade mark, for they have to import most of the goods that they need. However, they know that manufacturing plays an important role in the economic growth and this is the reason why they are improving some of their chief manufactures.

They are into fishing, and so they make canned frozen fish products. These are sold in stores in the city. These goods are also available in the other cities in Alaska including Petersburg, Sitka, Ketchikan, Cordova, Kodiak, Dillingham, Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, and many other places located in Bristol Bay and Alaska Peninsula.

What to See

Be ready for the breathtaking wonder of nature in Alaska. Ships feel small when they see and have a closer look at the incredible view of the active Hubbard Glacier as they cruise along the translucent 1,350 square miles of blue ice. You can have a helicopter tour and explore the various amazing wonders like the protected coves and waterfalls.

You can also extend your journey on the nearby cities and see the other natural scenic wonders in Juneau like rain forests and glacial waterfalls which are also picturesque.

You can enjoy a biking tour when you explore the famous Ketchikan’s Inside PassageTake a wildlife sailing onboard the high-speed catamaran or have fun racing across an iceberg in a thrilling dogsled ride.

Experience “the World’s Scenic Railway” in an arctic journey on Yukon and White Pass.

In Anchorage, you can have a city tour that includes the 25-acre Native Heritage Center of Alaska. In addition, you can have a good time visiting museums, have fine dining and do some shopping.

These great adventures are all special attractions that you should not miss. There are still more like the wild life, museums and other exciting and interesting activities.

Restaurants and Bars

The famous restaurant and bar in Hubbard Glacier is the Landing Restaurant. It offers a variety of dishes that are loved by the locals and travelers.

Some cruises offer deals with fantastic meals included in the package. There you can experience the joy of seeing the majestic view of Hubbard Glacier while at the same time enjoying your food and drinks.




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