Valdez Port Guide

Valdez Port is located in the northeast part of Prince William Sound, amongst the Chugach Mountains. It sits near the beginning of a deep-water inlet, and is the area's most important fishing and docking port. Even though Valdez is located in Alaska and the only port this far north, it's completely ice-free. Valdez is home to over 4,000 people and has a significant history due to the 1898 Gold Rush, and the construction of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline in the 1970's. Major cruise lines, day cruise boats, and a regional ferry keep Valdez connected to the outside world, and when docking in Valdez, you'll have the opportunity to spend a couple of days here.


Merchants in the Valdez Cruise Port offer different types of Alaskan-made gifts, art, apparel and souvenirs. From wooden artwork to woolen wear, gold to pants, you'll find every type of gift imaginable. One of the most popular spots to shop is Bear Paw Trading on N. Harbor Drive. They sell original native crafts, souvenirs, jewelry and apparel. Their motto is "We're the best little store in Valdez and have something for everyone". If you're looking for photography of the area, check out Gary's Valdez & Alaska Photo Gallery. Orca Bay Gifts on Galena is a unique place to shop also. They have a large collection of Alaskan Native carvings made from bone and ivory, one of a kind jewelry items and much more. If you'd like to experience old town Valdez visit Northwind Flowers and Gifts on Tatitlek Street. This is one of the only original Old Town Valdez buildings still standing after the 1964 earthquake and tsunami. They sell collectibles, fine jewelry, flowers, cards, crafts, and various other unique Alaskan gifts.

Things to See

No matter when you visit the Valdez Port of Call, there will be things to see and do. If you stop in Valdez during winter time, of course there will be an abundance of snow and that means skiing, snowboarding or even snowmobiling. You could even go on a dog sledding adventure here. In Valdez, they've gotten a record 300 inches of snow during one year, and at the neighboring pass where you can ski, a whopping 900 inches of snow has fallen. If you'd rather visit during summer when its a bit warmer, you can take a boat tour leaving the John Thomas Kelsey Municipal Dock and go whale watching, fishing, or just cruise along the water and take in the beautiful scenery including glaciers and the majestic mountains.

Restaurants and Bars

There are several restaurants and bars in Valdez. Since their largest commodity is fish and seafood, most every restaurant in town will serve these types of dishes. However, there are other options available should you tire of eating fresh fish or crab. Valdez has the old standby of Subway Restaurants right in the heart of town, plus a couple of burger joints, but don't confuse this with regular fast food burgers. The foods and dishes served are homemade and superior to a fattening fast food menu. There's also Thai food, Greek, Chinese, a pizzeria and Mexican food restaurants to choose from.

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