Skagway Port Guide

Skagway Port is North America’s northernmost, deep water, ice-free port. It’s the transportation center between Alaska, Northwest Territories, the Yukon Territory, Europe and Asia all year. It’s a famous port stop for cruise ships and tourism is a huge part of the city’s business.

Skagway, which was formerly spelled as ‘Skaguay’, is from the word ‘Skagua’ (Tlingit name for the area). It has numerous meanings, ‘stiffly wind-rippled water,' ‘the place where the north wind blows,' and others.

Skagway has two docks. One is alongside Lynn Canal to the south of town and the other is at the foot of Main Street. The latter is only around 5 minutes away from the town’s center. Smaller ships normally dock in town while the bigger ones alongside Lynn Canal.


Skagway has a 7 block long shopping area on Broadway Street. Just follow the street and you will see shop after shop. Some shops can be found on the side streets too.

Casey McBride’s Taiya River Jewelry has a great variety of natural gold nugget jewelry. These pieces are handcrafted on the place. Choose from the complete showcases and get your dream jewelry custom designed.

Fairway Market has a great selection of fresh milk, meats, fruits, vegetable and ice. They also sell health and beauty products, film and sundries.

Klothes Rush Gifts offer great gift choices and top quality camping equipment and clothing. They have ice cream and fudge at the Kone Kompany.

Dedmans Photo and Art Gallery has the greatest selection of photographs from the north’s bygone era and some contemporary paintings, photos and art. They also have a wide selection of Alaska books.

Things to See

Gold Rush Cemetery is one main attraction in Skagway although it may look like a strange place to visit. Seeing the headstones will give you a feel of the Gold Rush Era.

Jewell Gardens is located on the original Historic Clark Farm Site. It offers tourists an extraordinary northern experience. Aside from the beautiful vibrant flowers, lettuces, raspberries, carrots, herbs, peas and other vegetables are also grown in this garden.

The White Pass & Yukon Route is a must-see if you’re in Skagway. The railway, built in 1898, has a narrow gauge. It only runs on 3 foot wide tracks. It is a truly magnificent ride.

The Corrington Ivory Museum was built in 1975. A 2,000 sq ft extension was made in 1979 and another 3,000 sq ft in 1984.

Restaurants and Bars

Famous for its hospitality, you will find a wide range of food choices in Skagway.

The Red Onion Saloon on Broadway is a fun and well-known restaurant/bar. The waitresses have cute outfits and they offer tours of the building’s bordello portion.

For quality food and some wine, the best place to drop by is the Skagway Fish Company. Situated on the Lynn Canal, this is where the locals dine and drink. Their deep fried halibut is quite delicious.

The Alaska Gourmet Café serves luscious handmade Italian food. This posh little restaurant has a short menu with changing specials. They make mostly traditional Italian dishes using fresh ingredients.

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