Wrangell Port Guide

Wrangell port is located in the heart of Tongass National Forest in Alaska. It is a known cruise ship port with an unusual T-shaped design.  The port is an ideal jump-off point for exploration to other Alaskan tourist destinations such as Petersburg and Prince of Wales.

The city of Wrangell can be reached by plane. There are many daily flights to the city from neighboring Juneau and other US states. There are also water taxis and ferry services to Wrangell, which are exclusively run and operated by the Alaskan Marine Highway System. City Dock, Shoemaker, and Mill Dock are harbors ideal for private water vessels such as yachts and small boats.

The city itself however, cannot be reached by land as there is no bridge linking Wrangell to the mainland. Wrangell generally enjoys a pleasant climate. During winter the city experiences moderate snowfall while summers are mild and cool.

Even though the city is somewhat remote, Wrangell incredibly has many excellent hospitals and modern telecommunications facilities.


Living up to its reputation as a cruise port destination and tourist spot, the city offers many opportunities for shopping. The Norris Gift Shop is a specialty store that has been around for 30 years. It is an ideal place to look for bargain souvenir items and gift ideas. Another good store to visit for unique items is the North Star Reflections, a shop that specializes in stained glass. The shop also offers short courses and classes on stained glass making.

Nicole Taylor Design Studio on the other hand sells good quality handicrafts and fine jewelry. They also provide logo design and photo editing services.

Things to See

Wrangell is known for its many festivities held throughout the year. June is when the Annual Smoked Salmon Contest is held. Another much awaited event is the Annual Salmon Derby held during the months of May and June. The contest is open to the public, novice and beginners alike.

The city also holds a lot of athletic meets, and on the 4th of July, sports professionals from all over the world take part in Wrangell’s many triathlon, wood chopping, and axe throwing metes.

Wrangell is blessed with many natural wonders. The Stinkine River is a 400 mile long waterway that is home to thousands of bird species, such as swans, geese, shorebirds, and mergansers.

You can also have a chance to see hoards of salmons migrating from Southeast Alaska in Anan Creek. The pink salmon run attracts many black and brown bears from around the area. Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory provides a safe sanctuary for visitors who want to take pictures of bears hunting salmon.

The Muskeg Meadows Golf Course is located amidst a charming backdrop of forest ranges, mountains, and wilderness.

Restaurants and Bars

Zak’s Cafe specializes in steak and seafood. They also serve great tasting lunch fare such as sandwiches, salads, burgers, and wraps.

Totem Bar and Liquor Store is a poplar dining place that is known for their fantastic dinner menu. Their daily specials are a must try too.


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