Dominica Port Guide

Dominica Port is located on the island nation of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea. Surrounding islands near the island nation are Guadeloupe on the north- northwest and Martinique in the southeast.  Dominica Port cruise ships docks at the Roseau or also known as the Woodbridge Bay Deepwater Harbour. The cruise ship terminal is mere minutes away from downtown Roseau.   

Dominica is a nation that is rich in natural splendor that makes it the envy of other neighboring Caribbean islands and nations. Roseau, which is the capital of Dominica, houses the docking area and is the site where locals and traders from other neighboring islands converge to do commerce.   


From the moment passengers’ step off the cruise ship, they are immediately enthralled by the local shopping areas in the capital city. Old Market Plaza is located near the Roseau Museum. Old Market will give its visitors the chance to choose from a host of local artisans who creates handicrafts and local beadwork that are great for souvenir items when you get home.   

Boutiques encompass the Market Plaza from which you can buy local fashion and ornamental jewelries that are crafted by the locals.  Every Friday, the Market Plaza gets converted into a Farmer’s Market. This is an opportunity for farmers of the island to sell their organic produce from which they earn their living.   

Things to See

From the Dominica Cruise Port itself, you are already given a wide variety of places to visit. If you plan to do some sightseeing, the Roseau Catholic Church should not be missed. The Church is one of the oldest remaining remnants of old colonial British and French cultures.   

Eco adventure trips and hikes are also worth doing and seeing. The botanical gardens that are found in the Queen Mary Street are home to the oldest tree in the gardens. For other more in-depth adventures, tourists can take a hiking trail to the Boiling Lake. You can immerse yourself in the crystal clear blue waters of the lake.   

Morne Bruce should be on your list of places to see. This mountain peak gives access to a great panoramic view of the entire countryside.  For more eco-adventures, you can visit the Morne Trois National Park that is considered as one of the World Heritage Site that is protected by the government. It offers guided tours along its dense rainforests and protected groves. 

Restaurants and Bars

Fine dining is what makes the Dominica Port a great place to visit. Local liquor called “Sex on the Spot” and cuisines are served by the famous Port of Call Restaurant and Bar that is located in Roseau. The place gives an ambiance of natural ocean breezes that are depicted in the paintings and artwork which decorate the restaurant.   

Dominica Port may be one of the most unique islands in the Caribbean. Home to a World Heritage Site, it claims to have more nature preserves than any other island in the Caribbean.   


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