Samana Port Guide

The Samana Port can be found on the Samana Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. It is home to many pristine beaches that bulge with coconuts and are backed by mountains. This neck of land is a wonderful sanctuary with its gorgeous layout. In fact, it has been recorded that Christopher Columbus himself had called the place the "fairest land on the face of the Earth." Many visitors will agree that it is one of the most attractive of all location cited on the Hispaniola island. However, though most of its surrounding areas are very much developed, this particular region is not. As a matter of fact, the place is still plentiful regarding natural wonders. Passengers who might be able to stop and drop off at the Samana port of call will definitely come across welcoming faces.


Within the Samana cruise port area and its adjacent city, shopping is available without any trouble. The best souvenir shops can be found in Las Galeras, nevertheless there are still other shops in Las Terrenas. Easy to find items include colorful and bright clothing, beach gear and apparel as well as hats and other headgear. Remember that most of these locals acquire their income and livelihood from selling handmade items right on the city streets. Do not hesitate to approach these street vendors and look for items that are specially designed or to look at one of their own creations such as handmade paintings and jewelry. Made-to-order items can be specially designed while customers wait or they can just pick them up when they head back to the Samana port.

Things to Do

The most important and popular attraction held by the Samana port would be the water. Miles and miles of beaches cover the area and provide excellent snorkeling, scuba diving plus other water activities that one can be interested in. Tourists can go on chartered boats either for swimming or for exploring the coastline. These vehicles can be picked up right outside the Samana port.  Surfing has also become popular in the region. Tourists who are in need of surfing gear can head to local dive shops that can be found along the beach which offer and provide rental equipment.

Playa Rincon is a great beach for swimming. Tourists that have more time may want to travel around Cape Samana, which is also referred to as the “Cabo Samana”. Horseback riding and hiking can be done here and even an overnight camping trip as well. Despite the fact that hiking is an excellent activity, people foreign to the island could find themselves lost in the thick forest; taking a guide is the best option.

Restaurants and Bars

The Samana port offers wonderful cuisine that has a native feel in its flavors. Right off the Samana Port, small shops can be found that offer a huge assortment of authentic homemade foods such as  chivo guisado, pollo frito, arroz con habichuelas and carne de res. Pescado, or simply fish is always available in practically any of their small restaurants.

The Mi Corazon in Las Terrenas is also good for European fine dining and is highly rated by its customers. Furthermore another European restaurant is the Ristorante Fantastiko which offers Italian food and specialties. For cuisine that contains native flavor made from local ingredients, the El Cabito located in Las Galeras is a good option. Here, tourists can also find seafood that has been prepared traditionally as well as fine coffee. Dining in Samana has never tasted this good.

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