Alexandria Port Guide

Alexandria Port is one of the oldest ports in the world. The city was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. It is located on the west end of the river Nile. The port was the site of the great Pharos of Alexandria, a lighthouse that was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Today, it is the main port of Egypt and the second most important city in the country. The Alexandria port of call is also a favorite destination for cruise ships. There’s a reason why Alexandria is nicknamed the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’. There is plenty to see and do in Alexandria: from ancient landmarks such as the ancient Alexandria Library to the modern, charming resorts nearby.


Alexandria offers a wide variety of shopping destinations. The City Center Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the city, has plenty of fashion apparel, footwear and souvenir items. City Center Mall also houses Carrefour, a well-known French supermarket. The mall is located on the Cairo Desert Road. Cruise ship guests should also check out the Green Plaza Shopping Mall. Aside from shopping, this mall offers a wealth of entertainment options especially for children. There’s a bowling alley, fun fair, cinema and a large food court area. For antiques and vintage merchandise, head for the Attareen Antique Market found on the backstreets of the Attareen community. Visitors will find a delightful array of vintage merchandise.

Things to See

Several outstanding destinations await visitors to Alexandria. Guests should not miss the monumental Alexandria National Museum. The facility houses 1,800 archaeological pieces on three different museum floors. The basement level showcases prehistoric items. The first floor houses priceless Greco-Roman artifacts. The second floor is home to the museum’s Islamic and Coptic era collection.

When in the center of Alexandria, it will be hard to overlook the imposing Mosque of Abul Abbas al-Mursi. This centuries-old place of worship dating back to the 1200s is one of the jewels of the city. However, women are not allowed to enter the mosque.

The Montazah Palace Gardens is another must-see destination. Although the palace itself is off limits to visitors, guests can still stroll through the tranquil and beautifully landscaped promenade and gardens around it. The scenery and the beach areas are very picturesque.

Restaurants and Bars

Alexandria, being one of the world’s oldest ports, is a pulsating cosmopolitan city where dining can be an exhilarating adventure. For guests craving for great seafood dishes, Kadoura is a good choice. This eatery frequented by locals offers inexpensive dishes such as crab, fish, shrimp, salads and more. A meal at Kadoura costs less than $10 per person on average. Another inexpensive restaurant offering great food is the Mohammed Ahmed. One should not miss their excellent beans, fried cheese and Taamia. Mohammed Ahmed is located at the Raml Station in downtown Alexandria. For nightlife, the Spitfire Bar is a favorite not only among tourists but with locals as well. The bar offers a good selection of beers and mixed drinks. 

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