Battle Harbour Port Guide

Battle Harbour Port is a fishing station that originated in nineteenth century. It is accessible only by boat and air in the months of June through September and is situated on the Labrador Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. This small town is now commemorated as a National Historic District.

The Battle Harbour port of call was once a favorite port for whalers and fishermen and was also the base of the American explorer, Robert Peary. The town is the largest settlement on the Labrador Coast and has an economy that mainly depends on the fishing industry. The deep and azure waters of Battle Harbour are popular for the regular appearances of fin, humpback, and blue whales.


There is not much shopping that you can do on this serene island. The Battle Harbour General Store is a common example of an old fashioned shop in a coastal village. The store generally has everything from food, groceries, confectionary, local crafts, arts and even souvenir items. You can also find a small liquor section in the store that provides a collection of local wines and drinks. The store has a vintage feel; it does have several artifacts displayed on its walls.

Things to See

Battle Harbour is a great destination for adventurous history lovers and tourists interested in nature due to the breathtaking scenery and the simplicity of a village life. You can also come and witness the yearly movement of huge icebergs down Labrador coast during the months of June and July. During the night, get a dose of your majestic sun set at the town’s harbor or even from your room’s view. Wildlife is also a major attraction here.

The island is known to be a quiet refuge away from the hassles of city life, heavy traffic and smoke. The meticulously restored buildings located at the heart of the town contribute to the area’s relaxed ambience. With the help of the Battle Harbour Historic Trust, the village is now a living commemoration of the life and culture that was created by the Labradoreans and Newfoundlanders during the eighteenth through twentieth century.

Tourists can visit the Battle Harbour Church; the first edifice built on the island. It is a well known landmark of the town. For a taste of the island’s history, you can drop by the National Historic District, just 15 minutes from the Battle Harbour cruise port. The museum features various artifacts and art works by local artists.

Restaurants and Bars

The Battle Harbour Dining Area, located in the General Store, features great home cooking. Here they cordially serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. You can check out the chef’s fresh caplin, cod fish and salmon dishes. Be sure to check out the “Jiggs” dinner on Sundays. There are not a lot of restaurants and cafes on this tiny remote island; it is common for guests to do their own cooking at their respective accommodations. 

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