Charlottetown Port Guide

Imagine the warm arms of a small town and the convenience of city living; this is Charlottetown. This city combines the serenity and simplicity of a city with the accessibility and convenience of modern urban life. Charlottetown Port is an historical center bustling with tourists. The place is also considered as one of the busiest maritime facilities; Charlottetown Port is the gateway to the famous Prince Edward Island. 


There are several major supermarkets around Charlottetown. Thus, it is always easy and convenient to shop for essentials and refurnish personal supplies; especially for those who are on a cruise trip. Aside from this, Charlottetown also has two major shopping centers; Confederation Court Mall and Charlottetown Mall. Tourists can find anything they want and need from these major shopping establishments in Charlottetown.

The Confederation Court Mall is located right across the Province House. It is home to a large number of merchants. Charlottetown’s West Royalty offers the Charlottetown Mall. The mall is also the best place to shop for signature clothing.

Aside from the major shopping centers, Charlottetown also has local shopping destinations. One of these is Peake’s Wharf that features summer shopping. Travelers can find a seemingly endless row of boutiques and shop on Charlottetown’s Queen Street.

Things to See

Houses and building built during the Victorian era abound in Charlottetown. Aside from being renowned tourist destinations, these Victorian-inspired edifices also provide an excellent learning experience of Charlottetown's rich history.

The Province House is one of the many tourist attractions in Charlottetown. The place is also home to the Charlottetown Conference Center and Founder’s Hall. Those who want to immerse themselves in the history of Canada should really fine time to visit this place. Aside from this, the Province House also has an interactive museum that features Charlottetown’s colorful past.

The Confederation Center of the Arts is Charlottetown’s destination for live theater experience. The institution is the host of the Charlottetown Festival celebrated during summer.  Tourists and cruise passengers should also not miss out the Mac Kenzie Theater, Pilar Shepard Gallery and Arts Guild.

Restaurants and Bars

Tourists can get their dose of seafood at the Water Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound. The place is very much popular for it lobster roll, Malpeque oysters and battered fish and chips. Asian cuisines also have a place in Charlottetown. Located near the Charlottetown City Hall, Town and Country is a restaurant that features Indonesian and Lebanese dishes. The same street also is home to Churchill Arms which offers curries. Charlottetown’s Summer Street, on the other hand, is popular for its genuine Chinese meals such as the Kung Pao Gar Ding. The area’s Grafton Street features Piece of Cake which is home to delectable local dishes.

Clubs such as Fishbones and Baba’s Lounger are located at the Richmond Street and University Avenue respectively. Indeed, any tourist will be able to find a restaurant to fancy his or her gastronomic preferences in Charlottetown.

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