Goa Port Guide

Goa Port known among locals as the Mormugao Port is located in the small city of Mormugao, India. The port is a thriving sea gateway for the region of Goa. Located near the mouth of the Zouri River, it serves as a major component to the flourishing export industry in the state of Goa. 

Goa is a maritime site since the colonial times; Portuguese colonizers came and occupied part of Goa; they built forts to support their maritime supremacy in the region. The fortified walls formed were to protect the island from any opposition and outside invaders. The Portuguese presence came to a halt as the Goa port of call came under other rulers including the Dutch and the longest colonizer in India, the British. 

Recent developments have led the port to lead not only trade and commerce but also in cruise ship destinations as well. The Goa cruise port has developed into a thriving port of call that is a gateway to the attractions and highlights of the Goa region. Goa port received full status as a major port in 1963. 


Immediately accessed from the Goa cruise terminal are the small stalls and kiosks where local vendors sell their wares. Typically, vendors sell souvenir items of colorful fabrics, jeans and woodwork designs of various gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion. Artifacts made of shell, bamboo, and curios form some of the most popular souvenirs sold by these stores. The flea markets, located in the heart of city, are a kaleidoscope of what Goa is in terms of locally produced agriculture and crafts. 

A good thing to visit in Mormugao is the town of Margao. Here, you can find religious miniature sculptures that depict the role of Hinduism in the traditions and practices of the locals. 

Things to See

Mormugao is rich in traditions and customs. Wealthy when it comes to natural resources as well, Mormugao is a city teeming with attractions and sights. The Bogmalo Beach in Goa, for example, gives tourists the chance to enjoy the waters of the coast and do some water sports such as water-skiing and scuba diving. Bogmalo Bay said to be a vital base to exploring the entire region of Goa is simple yet it is very representative of the entire state of Goa. 

Agha Khan’s Children’s Park is also a sight to see. Located in the northern half of the Margao municipal garden, the park was for the intention of Abdul Javerbhai Mavany to commemorate the death of his two sons to cancer. Agha Khan was inaugurated in 1959 by Portuguese Governor General Vassalo e Silva as a family oriented gathering area. 

Restaurants and Bars

Culinary delicacies are the pride and glory of natives of Goa. Exotic dishes of seafood, beef and vegetarian cuisines makes Goa a booming area of dining. Curries, fries, prawns, lobsters and crabs are local dishes made spicy to make it a more authentic Indian cuisine. The Mapple Vivia Goa, for example provides not only room accommodation but also dining options for its guests. Complete with the local cashew nut alcoholic drink called the Tuni, Mapple Viva restaurant offers specialty dishes of soup and ladyfish. 

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