Lombok Port Guide

Located in Indonesia on an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province, the Lombok Port forms a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It resides on an island that typically remains free from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The Lombok port of call not only welcomes cruise ships to the country but fishing vessels and cargo ships that travel the area as well. The current influx of cruise ships to the island is greatly appreciated by the locals; it increases the opportunities for the islanders to present their customs and traditions to visitors.

The laid back, natural environment of Lombok is the greatest tourist attraction for the island. The Lombok Strait is the mark that separates the Indomalayan Ecozone from the fauna of Australasia. The natural surroundings are quite diverse; visitors will note the presence of the stratovolcano Mount Rinjani. 

The Lombok cruise terminal strives for excellence in terms of providing hospitable service crews and personnel. Most of the facilities at the Lombok cruise terminal are out of date, however, the locals more than make up for this; they are very friendly and helpful to tourists. 


Scenic sights and wonderful landscapes are abundant next to the docking area of the Lombok Port. This accurately sends the signal that shopping is a prominent activity for tourists on the island. The Sweta Bazaaar and the Cakranegar offer decorative items of seashells, pearls and hand-made baskets and bags. Basket weaving is a traditional activity for most locals; a trip to the Ampenan area provides shoppers with a great selection of colorful hand-woven baskets in several sizes. 

Another popular island souvenir are the beautifully crafted colorful sarongs; these are sold in various stores and shops around the island. The Gili Tarawangan and nearby areas in Tete Batu offers not only these stunning sarongs but creatively designed clay potteries. The neighborhood of Mataram in the central area of the town also offers these beautiful works of art. 

Things to See

The wonderful, natural settings around Lombok create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. A day at the pristine beaches surrounding the island offers visitors ample opportunities to participate in water sport activities such as water-skiing, swimming and boating. The Gili Islands composed of the Gili Air Island, the Gili Meno Island and the Gili Trawangan Island offer the best beaches in the region. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the best activities to do in these islands. 

The Gunung Rinjani is a spectacular natural area to visit. It offers the chance to enjoy hiking, in a volcanic mountain range with majestic views of the island and the village of Sapit. Hot springs and the vast semi-lunar crater borne from an eruption centuries ago are sights to see. 

Restaurants and Bars

Exotic dishes in an ambiance of an old-fashioned area are what most restaurants offer. Unblemished and uncultivated landscapes entice tourists to dine in restaurants that specialize in local dishes of seafood like squids, mussel and exotic fresh fishes. The central town of Senggigi abounds with these kinds of restaurants. The Dua Em Restaurant offers their customers the chance to dine at a bamboo table. Chili and pepper seems to be the most significant spices used by the cooks of the restaurant. 

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