Saguenay River Port Guide

Located in the largest river in Quebec, Canada, the Saguenay Port is one of the most significant ports in the region. The Saguenay port of call handles several areas along the river including Tadoussac and Chicoutini.

Saguenay was an important trade route during French colonial rule; primarily focusing on the fur trade industry as its main economy. In recent years due to the ban of the real fur to protect the wildlife, the port now only focuses on logging and pulp industries. Saguenay took its name from the famous kingdom of Saguneay in France.

The Saguenay River cruise ports aims to achieve growth by encouraging good access to attractions. Saguenay River cruise terminal is located a region filled with natural resources and wildlife; it provides an environment friendly atmosphere, perfect for a cruise vacation.


The Saguenay region is an area filled with arts and crafts. Woodcarvings are probably the best souvenirs to give when you get back to your homeland. In the Tadoussac region along the river, Sculpture G Hovington offers handcrafted wooden sculptures. With an expertise of being in the business for over 40 years, the store offers unique displays of wooden sculptures made by local artisans.

In the Chicoutini region, the local market of the Zone Portuaire de Chicoutimi, at 49 rue de Lafontaine, offers packaged goods and products at very affordable prices. The market is only open from the months of June to September.

Things to See

Whale watching is perhaps the most exciting activity to do while in the ports of call you visit. The Saguenay Fjord itself is a sight to see, with its bountiful underwater marine life, it is an important feeding region for whales. Visitors marvel at the discovery of these mighty animals in their wild habitat; it provides great insight to what kind of creatures they are. In the Pointe Noire Park viewing area, you can see great whales cavorting and playing in the deep waters of the region.

A good place to visit in the Saguenay-lac-Saint-Jean region is the Centre d’historie Sir-William-Price. Offering a deep view of the history of the forestry industry, it has on display various interpretative exhibits that depict significant events of the industry. A good exhibit on display at the Center is the “Arvida: American invasion of the Saguenay."

Restaurants and Bars

French cuisine is among the creamiest cuisines there can be and several local restauranteurs offer the best French dishes possible. The Auberge du Lac in the Tadoussac area offer great Canadian dishes with French flavors and spices. Grilled steaks and burgers are some of the beat dishes present here.

Also in the area are the La Galouine and the Restaurant la Bateau. Offering great dishes of lobster, caribou and blueberries, they present authentic Canadian-French dishes. The La Bateau offers the dishes in a buffet style setting and is only open from the months of June to October.

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