Santa Barbara Port Guide

Santa Barbara Port is located in California; it is one of the many U.S. ports of call on the Pacific Coast. Situated in the east west section of the Santa Barbara coastline and surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara port of call is a romantic and heavenly place to visit.  Santa Barbara is famous for being “the American Riviera.’ Santa Barbara is a very popular tourist destination. It is home to magnificent landscapes and lush mountains.

The history of the port city started almost thirteen thousand years ago. Archaeological sites indicate that the Paleo-Indian presence found in the 1890s was from an early settlement.  In the 1960s, evidence provided by the “Arlington Springs Man” found on Santa Rosa Island, added proof of such settlement.

The Santa Barbara cruise port is one of the busiest cruise ports along the California coast.  A fresh and peaceful mountain area, Santa Barbara is a great vacation destination.


Santa Barbara is teeming with great shopping areas that offer fashion clothes, perfumes and arts and crafts. The best way to shop in Santa Barbara is on foot; there are many quaint outdoor shopping pathways called “paseos." Santa Barbara is steeped in Spanish history and charm. There are cobbled stone streets, palm trees, fountains and colorful flowers all around this area. One of a kind boutiques are found throughout the area.

Antiques shops are very plentiful; Santa Barbara is home to several great antique stores. The Santa Barbara Downtown Organization offers old closets and dressers; some great antiques may be found here. Angels Antiques located at 4846 Carpinteria Avenue offers perfect dining and living room pieces.

For a big brand shopping experience, one of the best places to go to is Saks Fifth Avenue. Located at the 1001 State Street, the store offers branded clothes and accessories.

Things to See

The great outdoors is one of the main features Santa Barbara offers cruise tourists. Outdoor activities include hiking, walking, biking and cycling; Santa Barbara is a great place for these activities. For some water sports activities, visitors should take a trip to the Leadbetter Point. It is just off the Cabrillo Boulevard and is a fine beach area for surfing and water skiing. Another great outdoor location is Lake Los Carneros; it is found in the Goleta area. A peaceful area, it is great for walking and alone time. The Lake offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and lush forests.

For some historical insights to Santa Barbara, visit the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and Santa Barbara Historical Museum. Both provide exhibits about the history of Santa Barbara and its contributions to the maritime industry. The Maritime Museum has on display whaling and shipwreck exhibits.

Restaurants and Bars

Steaks and fries are also among the local favorites of Santa Barbara. The Aldo’s Italian Restaurant at 1031 State Street offers great steaks with delicious gravy sauces with Italian peppers and spices.

Historic cultures and international flavors create a blend of dishes that are wonderful to try. The Beachside Bar-Café offer fast food dishes of hamburger and sandwiches for the cruise tourist. For a more artful ambiance, the Art and Letters Café offers a garden setting, perfect for some love and romance.

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