Suez Canal Port Guide

The Suez Canal Port is very important due to its linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. One of the advantages of the Suez Canal port of call is that it makes all of Egypt's major attractions very accessible. The area's climate is warm and dry. Suez Canal cruises typically include all major Red Sea area attractions, including the Sinai area and even Cairo. Taxis are available at the Suez Canal cruise terminal in Suez Port. Tour buses are another option, especially for passengers headed to Cairo.


This part of Egypt has a lot of talented crafters. Some of the items you can easily buy include pottery, wood carvings, and jewelry. Local crafters also specialize in items designed to look like ancient artifacts. Many of the crafters set up shop in stalls near the cruise terminal in Port Suez, and some will even board the ships to sell to the passengers.

In Cairo, the top shopping attraction is the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. This bazaar has one of the best selections of handicrafts in the country. The bazaar is also a top destination for perfume, souvenirs, and clothing. Small children will often approach tourists with inexpensive trinkets for sale near the bazaar area. Cairo also offers a Carrefour superstore that combines a large department store with a grocery store.

Things to See

Cairo is probably the most popular destination in Egypt. It's famous for its pyramids, the Sphinx, and its archaeological museum. The museum has numerous artifacts from all periods of Egypt's history.

Port Suez itself has very few attractions. One of the highlights is the pretty Hamza Mosque, which is made of white stone and illuminated at night. The other is the home of the late Anwar Sadat. The Convent of the Good Chapel Sisters is a Catholic convent dating back to the 19th century. It's perhaps the only Christian historical site in the Port Suez area.

Adabiya Bay and Cabanon are two popular beach resorts located a few miles south of Port Suez, and Ismailia is less than an hour away. Both offer excellent sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and diving. One of the Sinai Desert's more unusual attractions is the Great Bitter Lake, where several ships were stranded during the 6 Day War.

Restaurants and Bars

In Port Suez, dining opportunities are few. However, you can get good, fresh seafood at the Fish Restaurant. The White House Hotel is a good alternative if you're in the mood for a steak or salad. Their beer selection is especially good.

The best dining is usually found in Cairo itself. Abu El Sid serves Egyptian and Moroccan cuisine in a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. Felfela Cafe is a popular takeout chain specializing in quick Egyptian dishes. The El-Fishawi Cafe is a sidewalk cafe well-known for its Turkish-style coffee.

Cairo is also the best option for bars. The SunSet Boat is moored on the Nile and offers a nightclub that's open all night, as well as a restaurant. After Eight is in high demand and offers a mixture of Arabic and international music. Rithmo is a very popular club with an upscale atmosphere.

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