Yangtze River Port Guide

Yangtze River Port is situated in an area of the Yangtze River Delta that is comprised of the triangular shaped territories of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Located at the center of the territories is the Jiangnan region; a leading economic region of China form more than 1000 years. The Yangtze River port of call opens to the East China Sea. Technically, the Yangtze River port is composed of several ports that lie along the delta and river system. 

The most common ports of call to which the Yangtze cruise ships travel are the Shanghai Port, Wuhan port and Zhouzhang. Each offers their own distinct attractions and beautiful mountainside sceneries that entices and encourages tourists to spread the word about the grandeur of Yangtze River. 

Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located along the Yangtze River; the Yangtze River cruise port provides access to these tourist destinations. 


In the Shanghai region, you can try to visit the Xiangyang Road Market. This is China’s most renowned clothes street; it offers great fashions and accessories that are easy on the travel budget. 

Things to See

The Yangtze River has many attractions and sights; it is one of the most known rivers in the world. The Yangtze serves as a guide to the history of China. The Three Gorges is one of the known as an incredibly scenic area along the Yangtze River. It is composed of the Qutang gorge, Wu gorge and the Xiling gorge; it presents a panoramic views and peaceful settings of the land and mountains. Over several years, this area has gotten the world’s attention because of the controversial construction of the world’s largest hydroelectric power station. Opponents to the dam state that the higher water levels will diminish the heights of the mountains, destroy aquatic systems and displace many people. The river will also be wider. The body of the dam was completed in 2006. The remainder completed in 2009. River tours are expected to continue.

In the Fuling region of the cruise, the White Crane Ridge is a great sight to witness. Listed as the only ancient well-preserved hydrologic station, it is protected by being part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the ridge, you can find inscriptions and carvings of artists who have been to the site. 

Restaurants and Bars

Chinese cuisine is readily available at the Yangtze River ports. This promotes the local cultures and traditions to traveling tourists. In the Chonging region of the tour, the favorite dishes to eat are the hot pot. The hot pot serves as a warming plate to travelers in the region. Served with a choice of spicy or pure, it has fish, meat and vegetables all cooked in one dish. 

The Xiao Tian E or the Cygent Hot Pot Palace offers some of the best hot pot dishes in China. The Hai Yi Xuan also serves a luxurious hot pot menu with fresh seafood and authentic Chinese herbs and spices. 

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