Yueyang Port Guide

Yueyang Port is located in the northeast area of the Hunan province and is a tourist haven for cruise ships. Yueyang port of call is teeming during the summer season as hundreds of tourists flock the area to visit the city’s many attractions and sights; the city is known as one of the ten most popular tourism cities in China. 

The Yueyang cruise port is striving to make the region a greater haven for cruise tourists; improvements to the Yueyang cruise terminal will upgrade the facilities to accommodate a larger number of cruise vessels during peak season. 


Herbal sweets and wine are the most popular products of the Yueyang area. Hunan Lotus seeds and Junshan Yinzhen Tea are popular souvenirs found in the markets of Yueyang. Local handicrafts such as the Yuezhou Feather fan and various woodworks are sold in the shops immediate to the cruise terminal; these items are colorful and artistic. The Zhou Da Fu Shopping Center in the Wushang Yueyang Shopping area offers the best porcelain souvenirs in the city. 

The Jiu Zhou Department Store in the Yueyang Shopping Walk Street is open 24 hours a day and gives cruise tourists extended shopping opportunities. Bamboo and wood arts, hand-woven women’s bags and hats are the most prominently featured items in the store. 

Things to See

Yueyang spans a history of 2500 years, thus the immense number of attractions in the city make it a tourist haven in China. The Yueyang Pavilion is one of the national treasures of China. Located just above the Western Gate of the city, the architecture is made of wood and brick with four pillars supporting the structure. Famous people have left their mark on the site including the politician Fan Zhongyan. 

Restaurants and Bars

Seafood dishes are the most abundant in Yueyang. Fresh water fish from Dongting Lake are among the most common ingredients used in the various dishes. Steamed or grilled fish are the favorites among locals and tourists. Sliced chicken with Junshan Tea Leaf is also famous. The Jin Xiang Yuan Restaurant along Jin E Road serves braised catfish in a casserole as well as steamed turtle. The restaurant remains open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. 

For international dishes, the Western Style Food Restaurant is a great fast food diner that serves scrumptious fried chicken. 

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