Bratislava Port Guide

The Bratislava Port in Slovakia welcomes cruisers to its shores. As the cultural, economic and political center of Slovakia, Bratislava is naturally home to the Parliament, Slovak president and the executive governmental branch. Located on the Danube River, Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic. It boasts many higher education centers, museums, galleries and theaters. In fact, music is a very big part of Bratislava life. This is no wonder considering the likes of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven wrote and performed in this city.  

Once cruisers disembark at the Bratislova cruise terminal, several transportation options are available. The Bratislova cruise port gains cruisers' entry into a medieval city with narrow winding streets, coupled with rural farm areas and vineyards. Because of its small size, the city is considered to be pedestrian-friendly, as tourists and locals can access most areas easily on foot.


This Bratislova port of call includes so much to do and see, not the least of which is a bit of shopping. The city offers a few different shopping malls, like Aupark across the river, Polus on Vajnorska, the Shopping Palace and Avion Shopping Park. Souvenirs are sold by vendors in Old Town's Main Square and on Hviezdoslavovo Square. For quality glass and crystal, stop in at RONA on Laurinska in the pedestrian zone, which sells Slovak glass from Lednicke Rovne.

Things to See

If you happen to time your visit to Bratislova with New Year's Eve, you'll be treated to the city's popular New Year’s Eve Party, also known as "Welcome to Partyslav." This is one of the city's biggest yearly events, and is not to be missed. If music is your game, visit the Slovak National Theatre's opera house and the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra for various cultural and social events. More than 20 galleries dot the city, showcasing art of all types, from classical to modern.

Located at the Pálffy Palace (Panská 19) and part of the Bratislava City Gallery, art lovers will be treated to an original and unique art installation called "Passage." Many festivals take place here throughout the year, such as the Bratislava Music Festival (BHS) in September and the Bratislava Jazz Days (BJD) in October. Fountains are another important cultural piece of the city. The most notable include Maximilian's Fountain, Ganymede's Fountain and the Fountain of St. George and the Dragon. 

Weary travellers can take a sightseeing tour around the historic Old Town on the Prešporáčik, a mini train, to view Bratislova's attractions in comfort.

Restaurants and Bars

When it's time to fuel up after sightseeing, cruisers have many choices about where and what to eat. If traditional Slovak fare is on your radar, try the Slovak Restaurant on Hviezdoslavovo namestie or the Traja musketieri on Sladkovicova. Traditional Pressburg, a mix of Austrian and Hungarian culinary traditions, can be found in Leberfinger across the Danube. Prasna basta is an old local and tourist favorite, as is Archa, which is near the Archbishop's Palace in Primaciálne Square. Afterwards, hit one of Bratislova's three casinos, such as Casino Cafe Reduta, the city's oldest and most accessible.

Bratislova, Slovakia is an historic city alive with culture and music, a treat to cruisers stopping here on their Central European tours.   


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