Amsterdam Port Hotels

Since certain laws have passed in Western based countries Amsterdam, Amsterdam Port has become a popular tourist location not only for college students, but history buffs and travelers alike. This guide will walk you through some of the hotels that are available in the Amsterdam Port area.

Die Port Van Cleve

Located at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 176-180 1012 SJ, Amsterdam, is Die port Van Cleve. This hotel offers itself to guests not only as a hotel to stay in, but as a historical land mark in its own right. The building that houses this hotel dates all the way back to the eighteen hundreds, originally being the first Heineken brewery for the now wildly popular adult beverage. Originally being a brewery, this hotel offers a bar where you can sit and mingle with both the locals and other tourists.

Eden Amsterdam American hotel

Located at Leidsekade 97 1017 PN, Amsterdam, is the Eden Amsterdam American hotel. If you're more interested in the music and night life offered by Amsterdam, than this is where you want to stay. The location of this hotel lends itself to the famous music venues that dots all of Europe. This hotel is within walking distance to all of Amsterdam's more popular bars and shops, as well as other venues. If you want to take in the culture and nightlife, then this is where you want to stay.

Much like the Die port Van Cleve, the building that houses this hotel dates back to the eighteen hundreds and is itself a land mark for tourists. If you want to eat at the hotel, visit the cafe Americaine. This cafe offers a luxurious dining environment under the hotels castle like arched ceiling.

Inntell Hotel Amsterdam

Located at Nieuwezijdskolk 19, Amsterdam 1012 PV, is the Inntell hotel Amsterdam. If you're looking for reasonable prices in a convenient location, then check out the Inntell hotel Amsterdam. Even though by United States standards the rooms are small, they are comfortable and clean. This hotel is a perfect location to explore the city from, as the tram and bus lines are directly outside the front door. These trams can take you anywhere in the city that you would like to go.

Lloyd hotel and Embassy

Located at Oostelijke Handelskade 34 1019 BN, Amsterdam, is the Lloyd hotel and embassy. If you want a hotel that allows for convenient travel and overlooks the ocean, then this is the place for you. This five star hotel allows for a classic timeless look that won't fade with the various housing and fashion trends. One of the features that this hotel offers that many others do not is the cultural embassy. This embassy is a common area for travelers from all different backgrounds to learn about the local culture and history. This includes art, cultural projects and cultural history.

Hotel Marriott

If you're more interested in staying at a place that's more Americanized, you can stay at the Marriott located at Naritaweg 165, AMSTERDAM.

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