Athens Port Hotels

Being the city where the Olympics originated Athens, Greece's Athens Port has become a popular destination for tourism. If you're going to visit this lovely area, you'll want to stay in a quality hotel. This guide will walk you through all of the hotels that are available in Athens port.

The Adrian Hotel

Located at 74 Adrianou Street, Athens 10556, Greece is the Adrian hotel. This hotel is directly beneath the Acropolis and allows for a stunning view of the city. This is the perfect place to stay for anyone who wants to see the sites and sounds that Athens has to offer, but doesn't want to take a cab. This hotel is located within walking distance from just about every attraction that Athens has to offer.

Athena Cypria

Located at Diomeias 5, Αθήνα 10563 Greece is the Athena Cypria hotel. This hotel is a three star hotel that's been completely refurbished and given the modern amenities that any tourist would want. If you want a room with a view, all you have to do is ask, and you will be taken to one of the several suites that overlooks the heart of Athens Greece. This hotel offers a buffet style breakfast from 7 to 10am and various local dishes during the lunch and dinner hours.

Attalos Hotel

Located at Athinas 27, Αθήνα 10551 Greece is the Attalos hotel. One of the major attractions that the Attalos hotel offers to its guests is its view of the city at night. If you wander out on to the balcony during the night, you are sure to see the spectacle of a lit-up city. The windows in the Attalos are sound proof and allow for a perfect night's sleep free from the ambient noise outside. If you've come with your laptop, the Attalos offers free wireless Internet service to its guests.

Cecil Hotel

Located at Αθηνάς 39, Athens 10554 Greece is the Cecil hotel. The employees at the Cecil hotel pride themselves on showing touring guests the traditional hospitality of the Greek people. This hotel is housed in a beautifully redecorated and renovated neo-classical Greek building. One of the more renowned attractions that the Cecil hotel lends itself to is the ancient market. This hotel is situated literally down the street from the ancient Athenian marketplace. If you are interested in taking in the history of Athens, then this is where you want to stay.

The Ledra Marriott

Located at ΛεωφÏ ρος ΣυγγροÏ 115, Athens 11745 Greece is the Ledra Mariott. If you're more interested in having your own miniature American embassy while touring the foreign streets of Athens Greece, you can always stay at the Mariott. This hotel allows for the finest accommodations, including satellite television and your very own mini bar. If you want a place where you can somewhat return to American living while touring the city, then this is where you want to stay.  

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