Bitetos Port Guide

Bitetos Port is situated in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. The Bitetos cruise terminal is rather small but the fun is in traveling the most untouched river valley in Europe; the Douro River. The river is important for the region’s economy; providing passage for commerce and travel. The valley is filled with gorgeous vistas, energetic cities and storied villages.

Several vineyards and farms line the sides of the Douro River Valley which creates an incredible setting for the oldest isolated wine region in the world. This region is world renowned for its port wines and exceptional table wines. Food enthusiasts and wine aficionados will surely take pleasure in indulging the regions scrumptious local cuisine and Port wine. The people of Bitetos are friendly and hospitable. The village offers several surprises for visitors. Discover a land full of true beauty and charisma.


The Douro River Valley is a famous cruise destination so Bitetos also has a number of shopping areas. No matter how short your visit is to Bitetos Port, take the time to rummage through the streets for marvelous items. Numerous small stores line the streets of Bitetos where they sell locally made products such as pottery, jewelry, and others. Bitetos Port is famous for its Port wine which is the region’s fortified wine. The Douro River is the heart of port wine country. Never leave the port without sampling or purchasing a bottle of wine at local village vineyards.

Things to See

There are several places to enjoy in Bitetos Port. Discover medieval castles, monastaries, ancient manor houses, Renaissance libraries and palaces. You’ll find 16th century medieval buildings, the cathedral and baroque churches. If you have time, drive to an iron bridge built by Gustav Eiffel in the 19th century. Traveling down the Atlantic road to Foz, you’ll see several stylish manor houses and villas. Before ending your day, make sure to drop by any of the Port wine lodges to taste their famous wine and see the cellars.

Bitetos most famous tourist attraction is the fourteenth century Benectine Monastery of Alpendura or Convento de Alpendurada. The convent was founded by monks Benditinos in the eleventh century. It is situated on the banks of the Douro River.

The village used to be a Roman village. Walking around the place, you’ll be able to find ruins from that era. Medieval architecture can still be seen in Bitetos streets and alleys.

Restaurants and Bars

At the fourteenth century Benectine Monastery of Alpendura, you can enjoy a genuine Spanish-style meal while watching a flamenco show. The Vintage House Hotel is a marvelous eighteenth century wine lodge with great views of the Douro River. For a great inexpensive meal, you can visit a wine lodge called Sandeman. The Vila Nova de Gaia is another wine lodge that also offers great food. There’s an outside terrace where you can eat your meal.

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