Delft Port Guide

Delft Port is located in South Holland and is between The Hague and Rotterdam. The port is situated in a city that is known for its blue porcelain and is also famous as a city of canals; you can enjoy a walk through alleys and have a view of gabled houses. It is a port that has a docking infrastructure 192 meters long for motor coaches and recreational ships.

From the port, you can either ride a public transport or enjoy a walk going to the town and see what it has to offer to locals and cruise tourists.


There are many souvenir and gift items in the small stores, boutiques and shops within Delft. You will also see Delftware in some fancy shops; there are more affordable versions in the stalls and tourist shops. If you are looking for the original products, you should look for franchisees of Delft Blue Factories and be assured of getting genuine Delftware to bring home as gift or a souvenir item.

For great artworks, you can go to the art galleries and choose from a wide collection of replicas of popular art pieces.

Signature shops are located in the Zuidpoort area. You can get your favorite shirts in Esprit, Xenos and Hennes. You can also get your favorite travel books or reading materials from the Book Market. For beautiful flowers for your vases, you can go to Brabantse Turfmarkt.

Shopping in Delft is very practical and reasonable. You can find small gift and souvenir items in the different shops and some sell Dutch artifacts that you can display in your home.

Things to See

Take a cultural and history tour in Delft with a look at the monuments, cathedrals and museums that reflect the past of the town. You can visit the Oude Kerk, the oldest parish church in the town which was founded in the year 1200. Walk into the Prinsenhof Municipal Museum located in a fifteenth century old structure; you can go to another museum called the Museum Lambert van Meerten housed in a building that is representative of the middle ages.

Also, go to the Market Square and visit the town's New Cathedral which has been around since the fourteenth century.  For an appreciation of Dutch arms, paintings and pictures, visit the Army museum. For an exhibit of historical instruments, computers and steam engines, you can go to the Delft University of Technology museum.

For those who enjoy swimming, visit the Scheveningen. It is located within The Hague. There are other beaches in the area to choose as well.

Restaurants and Bars

The Market Square offers many different choices for your dining and drinking pleasure. The Beestenmarkt is a place where you can drink beer while watching your kids play. You can also go to the Camaretten Coffee Shop for a relaxing afternoon coffee; watch people doing their daily activities.

Try dining at the Abessinie Restaurant and taste traditional West African dishes. You can also enjoy Italian meals and wine at the Artusi.

For a nice view of the canal, dine at the Eetcafé De Ruif or try kangaroo carpaccio at the De Zeven Zonder.


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