Dessau Port Guide

Dessau Port is located in Germany and is within the junction of two rivers. Dessau is a capital of Anhalt-Dessau which resided within the Holy Roman Empire. There were many artists who lived here in historical times. These are Walter Gropius, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. You will also find the famous college Bauhaus in this place which was closed by the Nazis and was not opened until 1986. The place reflects some remnants of World War II; this has become one of its centers of attraction. You will also find plenty of castles and beautiful architectural structures in Dessau.


There are many places to shop in Dessau. You should visit Halle and Leipzig and you will find stuff from fashion to traditional and stylish arts and crafts. You will also find fashion stores, boutiques and different stylish outlets especially at the Rathaus Center.

Madler Shopping Center is another good place where you can fill your shopping bags. It is a historical building with different shops and boutiques. You will also find Auerbachs Keller in this place.

With Dessau, there are small shops that you can visit to get souvenir items such as local artwork, shirts, trinkets and other small items.

Things to Do

Since Dessau offers a good place for the lovers of architecture, you can visit the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. This building became famous for being the first to be built with steel, concrete and glass.

Animal lovers will find plenty of animal species in the Georgium Park. The zoo is a place for apes, deers, bears, and other beautiful animals.

For a nice afternoon time at the park, listen to the orchestra play at the Georgium while you are surrounded by beautiful architectural structures.

You can also schedule a hiking activity near the Wallwitzee Hill and enjoy the view of the lake.

As you walk along the streets of Dessau, you will find plenty of channels, bridges and historical buildings. A train ride going to Worlitz Park will also be fun.

If you visit during festival season, you will find a busy Dessau with fairs held at the Tiergarten landscape on the other side of Mulde River.

Restaurants and Bars

One of the highly recommended restaurants in Dessau is Ratskeller. It offers a wide range of local German cuisine at very reasonable prices.

If you love vegetables, you will find fresh vegetables at Zum Stein where lakeside barbecues are served in the evenings.

For traditional German music in the background while you sip your beer, you can go to Zum Alten Dessauer and have a relaxing and soothing night.

For a Lutheran grill served with the best soups, you can try Schlosskeller Lutherstube. Or, if you just want good drinks and a choice of various international cuisines, you can go to Koharnus at the Elbe River.

Other pedestrian stopovers provide a wide range of restaurants for local and cruise tourists as well.

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