Djupivogur Port Guide

Djúpivogur Port has an atmosphere of trading dating back to1589. It is a little town near Papey Island located in the eastern Iceland peninsula. Djúpivogur town provides a unique natural protected setting. Its marvelous nature and picturesque views give a wonderful reason for adventurous travelers to visit this beautiful place.


You can do your shopping spree in shops and stores at the center of the city. Manufacturing is mostly for meeting the domestic needs. Although, fishing is a major industry, you will find principal products such as shoes, soaps, clothing and chemicals. Also, one of the major trades in Iceland is book production. Thus, you can find many bookstores where you can find your favorite reading materials. There are also a few electrical appliances sold in the city for the locals.

Additionally, major aluminum producing plants (from imported bauxite) and ferrosilicon are being established to make use of Iceland’s energy resources.

Aside from the above, the regular shopping interests of getting souvenir items can be addressed in the city proper. You will find handicrafts, shirts, art work and other souvenir items to bring home.

What to See

View the historical and oldest house in Djúpivogur, the Langa-Búð, it was built out of logs in the year 1790. Renovations have been made in Langa- Búð which is now known as Djúpivogur’s Cultural Center. It houses an interesting museum made for the work of famous sculptor Ríkharður Jónsson; it also houses a local crafts gallery and a coffee shop.

See the steep mountain Búlandstindur that dominates the landscape. It has a pyramid-shape that leads some people to believe that it is a source of of cosmic power.

Visitors enjoy strolling around Djupivogur town. Aside from seabirds, you will see wonderful views of seals just sitting on rocks located in the eastern wild regions of the village. There is also an area where you can watch fulmars flying low.

Take a trip to Iceland’s largest island; it is off the east coast. This is Papey Island. Take a boat and sail around; you will experience a close up view of thousands of seabirds.

There are a lot of historical buildings in Djupivogur and they are all remarkably well kept. You can enjoy crossing the Sheep Fence, seeing the Mussel Sands and Islets, visiting the Elf Church (Rakkaberg) and appreciating the history and culture of this part of Iceland.

Hotel and Restaurants

Framtíð Restaurant at Framtíð Hotel is very famous to local and international tourists.Their staff also offers arrangement of all kinds of activities like sea angling, walking trips, boat voyages in the evening, sightseeing tours, nature walks and any other journey to see and have fun within the wonderful vicinity of Djupivogur.

Við Voginn is also a recommended dining place for people who are fond of eating local and international cuisines.

You can also visit Langabúð coffe shop which is housed in a museum with the same name. It is ideal for visitors who enjoy museum exhibits,want to relax or just have an afternoon or morning coffee.

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