Dordrecht Port Guide

Dordrecht Port is an open link to the North Sea passing through Oude Maas and the New Waterway. The cruise port is located in Dordrecht, Netherlands, which is one of the largest and most important cities in the region. The city holds the distinction of being the oldest in Holland and boasts of its affluent history and culture.

The Dordrecht cruise port is accessible to ocean going vessels; this makes the island easily accessible to visitors. Dordrecht has bus and waterbus services to help cruise ship visitors around. The city also has an efficient railroad system which connects it to nearby districts and even to a number of international rail connections.


There are a number of shopping districts in Dordrecht. The Voorstraat is the longest shopping street in the whole of Netherlands, with 3840 feet in length. De Bengel is a popular shop for books where visitors often visit. Its small shops offer a variety of souvenir items and artisan crafts; all at reasonable prices. The ladies are sure to enjoy La Boulotte’s fashionable clothes.

The Statenplein and Sarisgang hold a weekend market and the Dubbeldam holds it on a Tuesday; both are ideal for bargain hunts. A number of antique shops are also located within the Dordrecht cruise port and most of the shops offer a unique item to add to your collection.

Things to See

Being the oldest city in Netherlands, Dordrecht is the home to a number of historical buildings and the host to a number of festivals annually.

Among the places which draw visitors are its old churches, the oldest is the Nieuwkerk (New Church), which was build in 1175. Notable thirteenth century churches include: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-Kerk (Church of Our Dear Lady), built in 1285, and the Augustijnenkerk (Church of the Augustins), built around 1293. Other prominent buildings are the De Munt van Holland, built in 1366, the Het Hof (The Court) built in 1275 and the Stadhuis City Hall and the Groothoofdspoort; these latter two buildings fourteenth century architectural wonders. Meanwhile, the Kyck over den Dyck (View of the Dike) is the last windmill in the city.

Dordrecht port of call is also the home to a number of museums which showcases the city’s rich heritage. The Dordrecht’s Museum is an art museum and the yearly host of art house films. Other museums include the National Museum of Landscaping, Lips Slotenmuseum, The het Verzetsmuseum or the Resistance Museum which features artifacts from the 1940s and the National Museum of sewing machines.

Dordrecht cruise terminal guests will also enjoy a fun filled outdoor day at the Biesbosch national park with its fresh water tide areas and amazing flora and fauna. The recreational areas in the park are ideal for walking, cycling, rowing and swimming activities.

Restaurant and Bars

Restaurants in Dordrecht port offer traditional cuisines to visitors. Among the popular restaurants in the area is Marktzich; it serves hearty meals using the freshest ingredients with a friendly staff. Another favorite is the Van Der Sterre where tasty lunch menu are served; a delicious pastry shop is located nearby. Good foods and cozy ambiance is what De Stropper is all about. When you take a stroll in the city, do try the vendor carts which offer pastries and other delicacies.



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