Goritsy Port Guide

Goritsy Port is situated in a tiny farming settlement, on the banks of the Sheksna River (a tributary of the Volga River) in Russia. It is famous for housing Russia’s widely known Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, which is only about seven kilometers away from the Goritsy cruise port. Goritsy is also the home of the Resurrection Convent, which is located just at the shoreline. This farming settlement was once closed to tourists and Western visitors. Now it is highly regarded as a charming and prime example of rural Russian life. Goritsy is the smallest town along the waterway and although much of it has been commercialized, the heart of the town still remains as it has always been through all these years.


Because it is such a small town, you would be surprised by the number of stores you can find in and around the Goritsy port of call. There are plenty of souvenir shops that sell a number of gift items just near the dock. Around the bus stop, is a wide variety of options. There are also grocery and convenience stores just along the streets near the Goritsy cruise port. There are shops that serve freshly baked bread and another that sells cranberry liquors. If you are interested in pottery, you can visit a small ceramics workshop that sells original work from local artists.

Things to See

It is always a good idea to take a walk and explore this typical Russian village near the Goritsy Port. Wander along the historic grounds and marvel at the many wooden chapels that lead to the popular Assumption Cathedral.

Goritsy is most famous for its monasteries and churches. Its historic complex houses a collection of fifteenth to seventeenth century churches. Visit Uspensky Cathedral for its spectacular display of frescoes and icons. There are exhibitions inside the monasteries where you can sift through local handicrafts and superb Vologda lace. The famous Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery was founded in the fourteenth century and it boasts of a spectacular interior and a museum that houses historical artifacts. Ivan the Terrible had a room in this monastery and it is reported that he planned to take religious vows here as well. The monastery is situated on the lake and has a fortress-like edifice.

Along the Volga-Baltic Waterway there is a system of canals and rivers that link the Volga River to the Baltic Sea.

Despite most of Goritsy being commercialized, the heart of the town remains untouched. There are still small houses in a variety of stages. You may even run into a babushka who has been living there since she was a little girl, and she will tell you stories about her childhood and the life lived in this typical Russian village.

Restaurants and Bars

There are a wide array of restaurants and bars in and around the Goritsy port of call. Most restaurants serve traditional Russian cuisine and there are excellent Russian dishes with touches of international flair as well.

Russian bars serve fantastic liquors, most especially cranberry liquors. And there are a lot of bakeries in and around the Goritsy cruise port that sells freshly baked brown breads and pastries.

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