Barcelona Port FAQ

Cruise tourists will be mesmerized by the beautiful architecture of Barcelona, Spain when entering Barcelona Port. Antonio Gaudi’s works of art are scattered all over the city. There are seven Barcelona cruise terminals divided between the Adossat Quay Terminals and World Trade Centre (WTC) terminals. It is the busiest Mediterranean port. From the Barcelona cruise port, the Blue Bus brings the tourists to the monument of Christopher Columbus.

1. What's the Cruise Port Address?

Portal de la Pau 6
08039 Barcelona, Spain

2. What's the Cruise Port Phone Number?

It can be reached through +34 3 306 8862.

3. What's the Cruise Port Parking Like?

Car valet parking is available.

4. How do You get to the Cruise Port?

Taxis can be ridden.

5. What Cruise Lines Use the Port?

Princess, Costa, and Crystal use the port.

6. What's the Nearest Airport to the Cruise Port?

Barcelona International Airport (BCN), Aeroport de Barcelona or El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto is nearest to the cruise port.

7. What Attractions are Near the Cruise Port?

Barcelona, Spain allows you to fully experience its traditional music and dance called the flamenco. At the Plaza Real, Spain’s most famous plaza, it can be witnessed. Lodging can be done at Alberg Kabul Youth Hostel where the beaches and shopping areas are a short walk away. At the Tablaos, a flamenco show lasts for 75 to 90 minutes. There are six to seven dancers, a guitarist, and three singers.

Watching a football match at Barcelona Camp Nou is always packed. Barcelona, Spain has the 3rd biggest football stadium globally. When the stadium is deserted, the tourist is advised to be a part of the Barcelona FC Stadium Tour, the most popular in the city.

It will take another 30 to 80 years before the Sagrada Familia is completed. Although this is the case, it is the best attraction in the city. The tourist can buy a Barcelona Card (valid for 5 days) to have discounts at various attractions. A visit to the Barcelona Aquarium is ideal for the young crowd. The Spanish Village or Poble Espanyol has displays which are representative of Spanish architecture.
For historic visits to museums, the Barcelona FC Museum, Picasso Museum, and Miro Museum can enlighten tourists on the cultural heritage of Spain. Visitors may be refreshed by enjoying the beaches along Las Ramblas Street. Swimming, kite surfing, and windsurfing are popular on Barceloneta beach, the 1st  beach in the city. Port Vell de Barcelona is a traveler’s delight with the Port Olimpico marina and sea views. From Hotel Arts Barcelona, the Barceloneta beach can be seen.

8. What Hotels are Near the Cruise Port?

Alberg Kabul Youth Hostel and Hotel Arts Barcelona are conveniently located nearby.

9. What Restaurants and Shops are Near the Cruise Port?

Dong Lin Chinese Restaurant assures you of first class service and food. It is nearest to the Manso train stop on the green line. For Catalan food experience, Can Culleretes lets you have a great appetite in the oldest restaurant. Before watching a flamenco show at Poble Espanol, relish the 4-course dinner. The glamorous Shoko is popular due to its mouth-watering food presentation and variety of choices served at the beachfront. Hot sushi is special while free bread, olive, cheese, and cherry tomato are served.

Shoko’s Bar is separated from the dining area by a shelf of candles. Music played varies on the day with an extensive cocktail list. Pinchos and tapas are great at Euskal Etxea with Txacoli white wine.

Visitors from non-European countries can enjoy a 16% off for a shopping purchase that is over 90.15 Euros. Tax free logos are not displayed on the windows of shops. Tax free service is practiced in most establishments. Before leaving Europe, the tourist can show his VAT cheques at the customs of the cruise port and they will be stamped. The tax is free for items that are exportable.

The shopping line estimated at 5 km houses plenty of the international brands. It stretches from the Ramblas, Barcelona’s most known street, and ends at the Avenue Diagonal. There are also two big department stores in the city centre namely Fnac and El Corte Ingles.

10. Are Ships Docked at the Port, or are Passengers Ferried from the Port to the Ship?

Ships dock at the Port Vell outer harbor.

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