Basel Port FAQ

Basel Port is located in the northern region of Switzerland and a favourite stopover of cruise liners plying the Rhine River. On top of being a major contributor to the Swiss tourism industry, it is also an important trading station, where cargo ships carrying a wealth of goods and produce come and go.

1. What is the Cruise Port's Address?

Hochbergerstrasse 160
Basel CH-4019

2. What is the Cruise Port's Telephone Number?

+ 41 61 631 45 45

3. What's the Cruise Port Parking Like?

In case you drive your own vehicle, there are available parking spaces in Weil and Lorrach where you can park your car.

4. How do You get to the Cruise Port?

The fastest way to get to Basel Port is to book a flight going to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport, which is technically a French territory, and then to either take a bus or taxi straight to the Port. The trip from the airport to the port would roughly take around 20 minutes.

Another way of reaching the port is by boat. There are cruise lines headquartered at major cities along the Rhine that service the Basel Port route. You can also take land transport such as trains or cars from Rhine. In case you drive your own vehicle, there are available parking spaces in Lorrach and Weil where you can park your car.

5. What Cruise Lines use the Port?

Cruise ships that regularly pull dock at the port include Uniworld, Sea Cloud Cruises, AMA Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Cruise West, Swan Hellenic, Viking River Cruises, and Tauck.

6. What's the Nearest Airport to the Cruise Port?

The nearest airport to Basel Port is the modern Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport, which lies in a French territory. The airport is located 6 miles northwest of Basel. Interestingly, there are two immigration sections in the airport, one French and one Swiss to serve both EU and non-EU passengers.

7. What Attractions are Near the Cruise Port?

  • Augusta Raurica - Located 20 km from Basel, Augusts Raurica once served as a Roman settlement and has now been converted into a museum and archaeological site. The site has been wonderfully preserved and visitors have a chance to see authentic ancient Roman artifacts such as the famous silver treasure of Kaiseraugust, mosaics, and ancient theatres.
  • Basel Art Museum - The museum has in its collections many fine art masterpieces of highly acclaimed artists such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, and Grünewald.
  • Tinguely Fountain - One of the highly popular tourist attractions in Basel is the Tinguely Fountain which was sculpted by multi-awarded artist, Jean Tinguely.

8. What Hotels are Near the Cruise Port?

For lavish accommodations you can check out Grand Hotel Les Trois Basel, a 5-star hotel which is located in the heart of the city. Also consider the Hotel Basel, Radisson Blu Hotel Basel, and Hotel Euler. 

9. What Restaurants and Shops are Near the Cruise Port?

Basel boasts of a rich culinary tradition, it being in proximate distance from France and Germany, two countries known for their sophisticated cuisine. Bruderholz on Bruderholzallee 42 is a popular restaurant in Basel that serves fine French cuisine. It also has a wide selection of wines.

For authentic Swiss food, check out Safran Zunft on Gerbergasse 11. Les Quatre Saisons on 43 Clarastrasse on the other hand utilizes ingredients that are in season and has an international menu.

10. Are Ships Docked at the Port, or are Passengers Ferried from the Port to the Ship?

The ship is docked. The name of the pier is Dreilandereck.








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