Batumi Port Guide

The Batumi port on the Black Sea coast in southwest Georgia, is home to over 121,000 residents. The port is located 12 miles from the Turkish border, and is the main port in Georgia. The climate is humid and sub tropical. Batumi has its share of good restaurants, nightlife and a relaxing atmosphere. The city was built in the 19th century, and many of the old buildings have been restored. Batumi is known for its beautiful beaches, and magnolia, palm and cypress trees lining the streets. The tropical climate and warm water make it the most popular tourist destination in Georgia.


Small shops and merchants on the streets sell local handcrafts, antiques and interesting works of art. The markets sell local fruits, vegetables and wines. Gold, jewelry, art and locally produced wines which are quite good, are the most popular items that tourists shop for, and are sold by street vendors as well as in the shops. Prices are reasonably low, so tourists can usually find gifts and souvenirs at bargain prices.

Things to See

The Adjara State Museum of Arts and the Batumi Botanical Garden are among the popular tourist attractions. The Virgin Cathedral was built by the Catholic Church in 1902, destroyed in 1937, and restored in 1989. The Gothic style church is built of stone which changes color with changes in the weather. St. Nicolas church, a Greek Orthodox temple, was constructed in the 19th century, and restored in 1946.The Batumi Archaeological Museum, the largest museum in Georgia, contains a valuable collection of ancient coins and exquisite gold jewelry. The Batumi Aquarium and Aviary is combined into one large complex and connected by ramps and walkways. Visitors enjoy viewing the hundreds of exotic birds and fish up close. Interesting examples of architecture is found in churches and mosques representing Catholic, Georgian orthodox, Muslim and Jewish denominations are found around the city. Seaside Park of Batumi is an interesting mix of restaurants, bars, cafes and sports centers.

Restaurants and Bars

Batumi has numerous international restaurants, but the local Georgian food is very good and worth a try, especially the Sashlik, a type of barbecue. The Octopus Cafe features Ajara khachapuri, the national dish in Georgia, excellent chicken salad, and beer. Sazandari is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Georgia, and serves excellent Georgian style cuisine like Imeruli Khachapuri, and Kupati. Another restaurant worth trying is Privet, which serves inexpensive, but very good Georgian food, and has a relaxing atmosphere. European salads and excellent desserts are also on the menu. The Privet Batumi Bar is one of the most popular nightspots in Batumi and serves imported beer and espresso. The Taravua Beach Club and Prozak are the two clubs for all night dancing and partying. Coordinate 41/41 also has dancing with European dj's and live bands. All of these clubs are open air and near the beach.

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