Constanta Port Guide

Constanta Port has an ancient history. It was formerly known as the ancient city of Tomis, of Jason and the argonauts fame. The city has been settled for 2,500 years. The Constanta cruise port is located at the Passenger Pier, conveniently situated 1/2 mile from town. Taxis can be hired at the main gate to the port area. Passengers are advised to watch the meter rate. City tours in double-decker buses are a very economical way to see the sights, and you can also take trolleys and trams. The language spoken is Romanian.


Expect transactions to be conducted using the lei, although many larger stores accept credit cards. Some storekeepers accept U.S. dollars and Euros, but add a surcharge. Several shops offer unique items to take home, and many keep late hours. One of the most popular types of items you can buy are Orthodox icons, used as a devotional aide by Orthodox Christians for centuries. Woodcrafts, handmade dolls, glass products, lace, and ceramics are always popular.

Tomis Mall and City Park Mall both offer a variety of stores to choose from.

Things to See

The old town area has a very unique, Old World feel to it, and several interesting archeological finds are in the area. Many of the buildings still bear the marks of Roman architecture. Ovid, the Roman poet, was exiled here in the 9th century. A statue of him stands in the main square.

Vineyards are plentiful, considering the warm Mediterranean climate that the area enjoys. Old villages add to the area's charm.

Beaches are a very popular attraction in the area, and some nice resorts dot the seaside. modern is closest to the port and features safe, shallow water. Mamaia Beach is 10 miles from the port and the most popular with visitors. The water is clear and clean, and the beach has fine sand. The Danube Delta is an ideal spot for bird-watchers, and there are some great photo opportunities here.

Museums are a favorite destination, considering the area's long past. The Folk Art Museum boasts an extensive collection of costumes from all different historical periods. The National Museum of History and Archeology has an impressive number of exhibits that include Roman glassware. The Seas Museum is adjacent to the Genoese Lighthouse.

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral is a Greek Orthodox church. It's a nice example of Orthodox art and architecture. The Great Mosque was constructed of concrete in the early 20th century.

Restaurants and Bars

Many of the restaurants are open-air, allowing visitors to enjoy the great weather. Local specialities include kebabs. The Beta Steak House is a good place for meat lovers. Pizza Damizzo is often described as having Romania's best pizza. Western fast food chains are found in the malls.

Several nightclubs and cabarets are located in the city. Phoenix is one of the most popular, with rock music. Mindfluid Breeze offers favorite alcoholic beverages as well as numerous coffees.

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