Dnepropetrovsk Port Guide

Dnepropetrovsk Port is a pleasant surprise to cruise ship visitors. Situated on the Dnieper River in the southeastern part of Ukraine, the city is an important industrial center for the country. Visitors are guaranteed to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dnepropetrovsk and its nearby districts; travel is facilitated with its well developed public transport system which includes a metro rail system, trams, buses, trolley buses and the local marshrutkas also known as private mini bus. Taxis are also abundant also.


Dnepropetrovsk cruise port offers a good selection of shopping adventure for its guests. Boutiques and shops are neatly arranged inside the eye catching white façade of the Europe Shopping Center off the European Boulevard. For another one of the kind shopping trip, the Tsum is the biggest market in the city; it is the perfect place to find good bargains in clothes, jewelry, artisan crafts and other souvenir items.

The city’s grocery stores offer low prices with a wide range of goods where you can find almost everything from food to cosmetic to appliances.

Things to See

Picturesque boulevards and spacious parks with luscious green trees are a treat at the Dnepropetrovsk port of call. One can enjoy a stroll in the beautiful boulevard of Karla Marksa Prospekt which is the central thoroughfare of the city. Another enjoyable stroll is along the hill to the Dnieper River where breathtaking view of the parks and the city’s outskirts awaits you.

Right at the heart of the city is Zhovtneva Square. The historical square features the breath taking cathedral founded by Catherine the Great in the eighteenth century. The Museum of History and a diorama of the Battle for Dnieper River during World War II are also located within the square. It also has a spacious park.

Most of the city’s “old town” was devastated during World War II and during Stalin’s reign. The few remaining areas which stood the test of time are: the Central Avenue, the main hill between Pushkina Prospekt and Embankment, the Globa section and the Shevchenka parks. The Monastyrsky Island hosts the ruins of the nineth century monastery; this is another interesting place in the city.

Dnepropetrovsk port also has a number of theaters which showcase Russian productions.

Restaurant and Bars

There is a wide variety of cuisines in Dnepropetrovsk cruise port. Guests should try Aprel Restaurant where Oriental, Italian and French menus are served amidst green plant surroundings.

The Beer and Loga Restaurant on the other hand serves European and Russian foods along with authentic Russian ambiance. Freshly caught catfish in its own aquarium can be ordered and cooked on open fire. Meanwhile the Zolotoy Petushok Restaurant serves European, Russian and Ukrainian foods in a fairy tale atmosphere. Its disco hall is the place to dance the night away.

The Kozaska Forteca Restaurant serves the best authentic Ukrainian cuisines with natural ingredients. It also serves Russian, Georgian and Caucasian foods. You can also enjoy the Borsch soup in Restaurant Ukraine; it is served by staff in traditional costumes. Govinda is the place for vegetarian tourists and the Country Café serves the traditional fish soup. 

A number of pubs and bars are also within the vicinity of Dnepropetrovsk cruise terminal.

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