Sevastopol Port Guide

Sevastopol Port has the name of the "majestic city". It's well-known for its beautiful scenery. Grafskaya Pristan, Sevastopol's main port, serves as the Sevastopol cruise port. The town can easily be reached in 10 minutes on foot. You can easily take a taxi, although many of the drivers don't speak English. City-owned buses and private mini-buses make regular rounds. Although schedules are printed only in Ukrainian, there is usually someone available who can help English-speakers. Ukranian is the main language spoken, although many younger people have learned English in school.


The local currency is the Hryvnia, and most shops will accept only this. Some larger stores will accept the Euro and credit cards. Stores usually follow a Monday through Friday schedule. Matryoshka dolls, embroidered clothing and linens, woodcarvings, sparkling wines, Palekh lacquer boxes, and amber are popular here.

Admirality Harbor and Panorama Shopping Center are the main places to shop. Bolshoi Morskoe is the street with a number of boutiques selling nice designer clothes.

Things to See

The city's main squares and buildings are very attractive. Gardens in the city are well-tended. The baysthat border the city of the seaside are very pretty. Photographers will find a lot to take pictures of here. Chersonessus, the ancient Greek city, is located just over a mile from here. The ruins of important churches can still be seen.

Sevastopol has a long military history that its residents take much pride in. It saw a lot of action during the Crimean War, as well as World War II. An eternal flame has been put up here as a monument to those who fought in both wars. A city park has several war memorials worth seeing.

There are several good beaches in the area best reached by boat. A few local islands are good places to visit.

Balaklava, a major battle site in the Crimean War, is two miles from here. A Russian submarine port was formerly located here. The State Historical and Archaeological Museum is housed here and has artifacts that help chronicle nearly 3,000 years of history. Panorama is a museum in Sevastopol dedicated to the Crimean War. Audioguides can be rented that translate the narration. Museum of the Black Sea Fleet offers a look at the area's naval history.

Church of the Black Sea Fleet is near the Museum of the Black Sea Fleet.

Restaurants and Bars

The residents of this area have their own version of baklava. This local baklava is made from honeyed, fried bread.

Ukrainiski Shinok offers authentic Ukrainian cuisine in hearty portions. Ostroi Sushi is a popular sushi restaurant with both locals and visitors. Pizza Celentano specializes in pizzas with several topping varieties, pancakes, and fresh fruit salad. McDonalds enjoys a lot of popularity in this city.

Several bars and nightclubs are found close to the port. A popular place is a nightclub called Omega. Calipso is known for having good service.

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