Greenwich Port Guide

In the South bank of the River Thames six miles East of Central London, you can see Greenwich Port. The pier is operated by London River Services that is composed of various river cruise operators from Central London. Within the port, you will see the ship, Cutty Shark; it is is open to the public around the world since 1580.

Close to the London City Airport is the Thames Barrier near the river and the Royal Naval College plan by Christopher Wren for Charles II. There are many places to see in Greenwich port and within the surrounding areas.


There are various places to go for shopping within Greenwich. You can find a wide range of cosmetics, hygiene items, toiletries and medicines in the Boots the Chemists. You can also shop for books, audio books, gift wrap and cards, and a wide range of Orange mobile phones at the Waterstone’s Greenwich.

For a distinctive arts and unique crafts you can walk along the Greenwich Market. It is the best in Greenwich terms of baking incense, spices, fresh food, crafts, homemade gifts, clothes, toys for the kids, silk, crystals, hangings, cushions, fudges, sausages, and cheeses, hot and spicy drinks with different flavors to choose from including ginger, apple, and cinnamon. Also, for beautiful neckties and cufflinks, try Cuffs & Co and for gold and silver, compendium and watches you can drop by the Autumn & May shop.

Things to See

The Cutty Sark is a main attraction in the city. It was launched in the year 1580; in 1954, fifteen million visitors were on board the ship.

If you are into architecture, appreciate the architectural design of the Queen’s House and The Charlton House. For the arts lovers, the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum are must-see places. You can also learn about history of artillery and the widest display of large guns in the Royal Artillery Museum in Europe. For an elegant palace with a mixture of modern and medieval design, witness the intricacies of the Eltham Place which was built in 1305.

If you want to see where the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held, walk in to the 23,000 sitting capacity O2 arena and imagine the excitement of the games.

Restaurants and Bars

For a taste of British food, visit the Trafalgar Tavern which features a la carte menu with a good selection of preserved wines. It is also a pub where you can see a monument of Lord Nelson while you dine and drink.

For beer garden, food and traditional English pub, visit the Cutty Sark Tavern and be part of the busy tourists appreciating British foods and drinks. You can also visit the most popular nightspot in the area, the Inc Bar. It is the music hall along Nelson Road. You will also find French bistros in the area that feature beef Bourguignon, pan fried sea bass, moules frites, and French classic onion soup.

Your stay in Greenwich will provide opportunities to appreciate English arts and sights and at the same time, enjoy exposure to the culture and cuisines of Central London.

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