Holyhead Port Guide

Holyhead Port provides a crucial link between mainland Britain and Ireland. It is situated on North Wale’s Isle of Anglesey. The small port town offers beautiful scenery, historical sites and is also a good venue for fishing, sailing and golfing. Most visitors stay in Holyhead for a night before touring Ireland. You can also detour to other attractions in Anglesey right after you dock at the Holyhead cruise terminal.


Most of the shopping centers in Holyhead are located in the town’s edge rather than its central market. Most of the shops sell crafted Anglesey souvenirs. The Market Street houses the best souvenir shops in town; the Anglesey Watch, Kleiser’s of Holyhead and Roberts & Owen.

The Joseph Keegan and Sons provide almost 2000 listings of beer, spirits, wine and soft drinks. You don’t have to visit their store as you can order online and have it delivered to your hotel.

There are three main supermarkets in Holyhead; Tesco, Morrison’s and Iceland.

Things to See

Located between Stanley Street and the new Celtic Gateway Bridge is Saint Cybi’s Church who had bear witness to Holyhead’s history. A visit to the church will show you well-preserved stained glass windows and magnificent stone carvings.

The rocky Newry Beach is surrounded by Holyhead’s harbor and is a popular destination among tourists who like to sail to nearby islands. You should take note that parking near the beach is limited. Other beaches in town are the sandy Porth Trwyn and Borth Wen. Both beaches offer excellent seaside views. The Holyhead Maritime Museum is housed at the oldest lifeboat house in Wales. It is situated near Newry Beach.

During the summer, over 4,000 pairs of seabirds nest at the South Stack cliffs. Aside from bird watching, South Stack also houses the oldest rocks in the world, dating back to the Precambrian Stage. A lighthouse was also erected to warn passing ships of the treacherous rocks below the cliff.

You can also climb the Holyhead Mountain, the highest hill in town. A Roman watchtower was built on the hilltop and is perfect for visitors who want to take a look of the nesting birds in nearby South Stack. The Breakwater Country Park can be found at the foot of Holyhead Mountain; 1,300 men were employed to build the site.

If you want to check out Holyhead’s culture, you can drop by at the Uchelde Arts Centre. Theater workshops, crafts displays and art exhibitions are available during weekdays.

Restaurants and Bars

Holyhead’s Harbor Front Bistro offers excellent outdoor dining experience. You can enjoy your meals while overlooking the picturesque scenery of the harbor.

After touring the Empire Cinema, you can also dine at the nearby Empire Cafe. Their hot meals are popular among the locals.

The Boathouse Hotel and Restaurant boast of their fresh fish specialties and other freshly prepared meals. On the other hand, the Anchorage Hotel is famed for their wide choice of bar meals including the steak and kidney pie. The Gateway Restaurant is mostly visited by tourists due to its proximity to the Holyhead cruise port.

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