Isle of Skye Port Guide

The Isle of Skye port of call is a beautiful Scottish Island –the biggest and most popular of them all. During summertime, the Isle of Skye Port is bustling with ferry passengers and cruisers. Cruise lines frequently visit this panoramic Scottish vacation spot all year round, giving the Isle of Skye Port a robust tourism industry.

Famed for its picturesque hills, sea lochs and remote coastline, this romantic holiday destination is also a favorite among climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers. The Isle of Skye’s Gaelic name is Eilean a Cheo, a direct translation of this name means the Island of Mist. The mist in the isles gives the tourist destination a dramatic kind of charm.


Skye Surprises will surprise every traveler because it caters to every need. It has a food station, a gift station, a petrol station, internet station, fuel station, and a money changing station among other stations.

The Armdale Castle Garden Shop is a place for those who love plants and gardening. The plants, flowers and shrubs in this garden shop are rather expensive but they are worth it.

There are not many shops in the Isle of Skye port of call; one can find one in Broadford and another in Portree. For those who love pottery, there is a wonderful pottery shop called Edinbane Pottery –the items sold in the said shop are a bit outrageous though but they have beautiful items for sale.

Things to See

The Isle of Skye Port of call is a delight to all cruisers. There are many beautiful places to see and discover. One of these places is the Eilean Donan Castle located near Skye road. The castle was rebuilt by an army officer between 1912 and 1932. The ghosts in the castle also attract tourists but its beauty is the main attraction and the main reason why Eilean Donan Castle is the most visited places in Scotland.

Another castle to visit for ghost hunters is the Dunvegan Castle. Found sitting on the eastern Isle of Skye shores off Scotland’s west coast, the Dunvegan Castle is the oldest inhabited palaces in Scotland. It is also the MacLeod Clan’s ancestral home. Visitors can tour the area but the castle remains as the MacLeod family’s private castle. What makes this castle more interesting is that it flies the Fairy Flag. The flag was given to the MacLeods when they helped out a Fairy Queen. The flag is said to have helped the Clan during trying periods. To be able to send a message to the Fairy Queen, the flag needs to be waved. The call for help has been used twice, once in 1490 during a battle at Glendale and again in 1580 at Trumpan. The MacLeods won these two battles.

Restaurants and Bars

A small restaurant near the Broadford Bay called Creeler’s of Skye offers smoked venison, scallops, Creelers seafood gumbo, Cajun steak and Skye salmon among other mouthwatering dishes. The price at this beautiful restaurant is reasonable and the service is great. For port hoppers who want to try this restaurant, call first to reserve seats because it is always packed with tourists.

Nestled in the Loch Bay waters is Stein Inn. This picturesque inn is one of the oldest accommodations in the Isle of Skye port of call. The food in the inn is delectable. The inn is one of the places port hoppers or travelers will find authentic Scottish cuisine.

For those who just want seafood, going to the Loch Bay Seafood Restaurant is the best option. This restaurant serves everything fresh –from fish to scallops to king prawns, you will never go wrong.

For those who want to have a few drinks go to King Haakon, a decent bar where many of the locals have their beer or their cocktails. There are only 3 bars in the Isle of Skye and King Haakon offers a pleasant drinking experience.

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