Londonderry Port Guide

Londonderry Port is located Ireland and is within the province of Ulster. This county has a population of only 1,000 to 2,250 based on the 2001 Census. Londonderry is also called Derry and used to be a major port for Irish emigrants to America. The name Londonderry was fought in by unionists and nationalists. The unionists wanted the longer name while the nationalists wanted the shortened name. As a compromise, it is now Londonderry. Though a small county in Northern Ireland, it is one of the best destinations for vacation.


Shopping will be enjoyable when you visit the Londonderry Mall. You will find souvenir items such as crafts, shirts, cups, trinkets, bags and other things that you can bring home as presents or just for plain decoration for your home. For moms and dads who need to buy items for their babies, you can find shops in the county such as The Burning Bush, Escape, Irish Evangelistic Band, Escape and many others.

If you love jewelry, you should visit Margaret Forbes, J W Warbuton and Buchanan Jewelers which offer low and high end jewelry. Celtic jewelry is a sought after souvenir. Other favorite items include Irish linen and knitwear and Donegal tweeds.

 For book lovers, dip yourself with beautiful books in The Faith Mission store, The Bookshop at Queens, or books at a lower price in Bargain Books. You should also visit Foyle and Richmond shopping centers which feature designer boutiques and unique crafts of the locals. The main streets also offer the best buys such as fresh produce and crafts.

Things to Do

The city walls are a great sample of great seventeenth century architecture; the walls have murals on it. The Guildhall is one of the most interesting places in Londonderry because of its fine stained glass windows. You should also see St. Columb’s Church and also see the marble monuments and stained glass in this church as well.

Actual blood stains from a Sunday of conflict that occurred during the struggle between Catholic and Protestants in the city can be seen at The Museum of Free Derry. It has become one of the important landmarks for Londonberry. You should also see Bogside Artists corner where 12 mural paintings designed by the Bogside artists are displayed.

Restaurants and Bars

For plenty of drinks with friendly waiters and delicious food, you should visit the 720 Bar just below the city walls in Bogside. For hot sandwiches and alcoholic drinks you should see Badger’s place; they have nice quality wines. For American dinning, with very good set of menu, try Café Grianan in Williams Street.

For fancy and high-end dinning, you can go to Fitzroy’s and try their Chicken Curry and chocolate desserts. For party goers and music lovers, step in the Peadar O’Donnerls which features live and upbeat Irish music.

For waterfront fun and party, you should try The River Foyle. They serve wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages with a local DJ on-board. You can dance and enjoy an Irish party experience in this beautiful vacation destination.

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