Portsmouth Port Guide

Portsmouth Port is located at the southern coast of England and has hosted the British Royal Navy for over 500 years. Rich with maritime history, the port is considered as a great departure port for those traveling to France. A stay in this city should include visits to the naval attractions that it offers. It is worth noting that this city was heavily bombed during the World War II. You will see this in the postwar architecture and in some of the promenades. The city has museums that show the rich British history and culture.

You will see a varied selection of dining places within the harbor area. There are bars, shopping areas and restaurants with a place for a 3.5 mile stroll to appreciate the harbor view. There is no sleeping in the area as every night is full of entertainment, concert, dancing, drinking and fun.


Visit Southsea and enjoy shopping within the area. You will find souvenir items and local crafts and artworks. You will also see small items as well as shirts and other local goods.

You can also shop at the waterfront decks of Gunwharf Quays. Here, you will have a large choice of items sold at reasonable prices. A walk along the quays will give you a great experience of a harbor walk and shopping at the same time. The cool air will give you a fresh feeling that will revive you despite a long walk along the promenades.

Things to See

With rich maritime history, Portsmouth allows you to explore some historic ships that include the Nelson's flagship HMS Victory, the remains of the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's 16th Century warship, and Queen Victoria's Battleship. For an interactive naval experience enjoy a helicopter simulator at the  Action Stations located in Boathouse 6.

Within Southsea, enjoy the seafront promenades as you enjoy the beautiful waterfront view. See the D-Day Museum, Southsea Castle, Royal Marines Museum and the city's Blue Reef Aquarium.

You will appreciate the beauty of the Portchester Castle with its spectacular Roman architecture and magnificent harbor view. This castle was used as a garrison before the famous Battle of Agincourt.

For an appreciation of church architecture, visit St. Thomas Cathedral. This church has an interesting history since its inception in the 12th century. It was ordered to be closed in the 1400s when the Bishop of Chichester was murdered.

Visit the Spinnaker Tower, which is 170 meters high and has three observation decks where you will see  great views of the harbor.

Restaurants and Bars

Visitors will experience great dining options in Portsmouth. The Still & West Country House is one such option. It is located on the waterfront offering a terrace for a view of the sea. Also, Gunwharf Quays has international cuisines from which to choose. For seafoods, dine in Lemon Sole and enjoy a nice selection of good tasting food. Also, Abarbistro serves local and seafood dishes for your tongue's delight.

With the many things to see and enjoy in Portsmouth, you will want to come back and bring every member of the family for an educational and enjoying trip in one British city.

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