Scrabster Port Guide

Scrabster Port is one of the primary ports that supports the large fishing industry of Scotland. Located in the northern part of the main island of Scotland, it is only one ½ miles from Thurso and 22½ miles from Wick. The Scrabster port of call has a long history of nautical travels and maritime trade. 

Located in an area that links the lands of Orkney, Shetland, Scandinavia and the Faroes, the Scrabster cruise port is an ideal port of call to host several cruise liners in the area. The establishment of the port started in 1841 with the advent of the Scrabster Harbour Trust. Ferry passenger trips from Scrabster to Stromness started in 1856 that began the primary movement of passengers through the port. 

The Scrabster cruise port considered the fastest growing seaport in all of Britain is due to its prime location being near to large fishing grounds. This develops the port to a trading export area of fish processed goods and frozen fishes. An additional plus to the development of the port as a cruise port is the oil development in the surrounding regions of the northern main island of Scotland. 

Continuous development and improvement is the main vision of the Scrabster Board of Management that encourages cruise lines to pass by the port of call. 


Numerous shops and stores that sell locally made products and souvenir items are found. Local produce found in Lidl UK Gmbh, where fresh vegetables and meat are available, are affordable and cheap.

The Town market located in the center of Scrabster is also a viable place for shopping. Souvenir items and handcrafted wooden carvings are part of the good sold by vendors lining up the market place. 

Things to See

The heritage and culture of the locals in Scrabster, shown through architecture and buildings make these site some of the best areas to visit.  The Archaeological sites of Camster Cains are one of the best-preserved places recently discovered and protected by the government. The Cains are rich in prehistoric significance that showed how early settlers lived and challenged the elements of yesterday. Another archaeological preserves is the Achavanich Stone Circle, which is a megalithic horseshoe (i.e. structure made from large stones and put together without any mortar) found in the Highlands of Scrabster. 

For a better clan history visit and tour, cruise passengers can come and visit the Clan Gunn, The Mackay Country or the Dunbeath Heritage.  Other notable areas of historical significance are the Northlands Viking Center, The Royal Castle of Mey, the Flow Country and the Dunnet Head. 

Restaurants and Bars

Immediately situated on the Scrabster cruise terminal is the Scrabster Port Services Restaurant that offers unique blend of local cuisines and dishes based on the prime industry of the town; i.e. seafood. The town also boasts of a great nightlife with bars opening until the wee hours of the morning. One such bars that offers great service and menus is the Skanadis. Specialty mixed drinks and hard liquor are part of the wine list of the bar. 

Notable restaurants found in the town are the A Mackay and Son and the A and E Harrold. 

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