Stornoway Port Guide

Located in the Outer Hebrides region of Ireland, Stornoway is a large town which functions as the region’s Administrative Center. Being at the edge of Northwestern Europe, this town has emerged as a developed business and tourism center popular for its beaches, wildlife, and diverse culture. Today, Stornoway Port has become a stopover for cruise liners and yachts from around the world.

Stornoway Port holds its address in the town Center of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, in Scotland of the United Kingdom. For more information, the port can be reached at Telephone Number +44 1851 702688. Getting to and from the port and its terminals can be done by Bus as the town has its Bus Service which can take passengers to its different parts including Stornoway Airport which is only a few minutes bus ride away. The Bus Service holds a regular route and regular time intervals. Other options getting to and from different parts of the city and to the passenger terminals include Car Rentals and Taxis which can be easily accessed. The port has parking space available for those with automobiles.

Even if terminal facilities are limited, passengers can board and alight from their vessels right at the Stornoway Port Passenger Terminal. However for bigger ships, Tenders or small boats can ferry passengers to the port. The Caledonian Macbrayne Company is a ferry service that holds regular routes to and from Stornoway even during Sundays. The Silver Whisper is one cruise line that makes Stornoway a port of call as well.

While in Stornoway, visitors can stay in accommodations that can range from hostels, bed and breakfasts, to big Hotels. The County Hotel in Francis Street is located most centrally in town. Braighe House located in the near outskirts of town is a more affordable Bed and Breakfast while the Heb Hostel and Fair Haven Hostels are even more affordable alternatives.

Things to See

The town has it’s a number of attractions which visitors can see. The An Lanntair Art Centre in Kenneth Street holds different exhibitions and concerts at different times of the year. The Lews Castle and its grounds is a beautiful and historical piece of architecture and Design.


Stornoway also offers visitors different shops including ironmongers, bakers, and a bookstore. Stores like Co-Op in Macaulay Road and Tesco in Ferry Road are larger in size and carry items found in bigger supermarkets and department stores. A local delicacy which can be taken for a souvenir is a blood and oatmeal sausage savory food product called the Stornoway Black Pudding.

Restaurants and Bars

Stornoway Port is centrally located in the town. As such, a host of Restaurants and Bars can be within walking distance. Woodlands Center makes for a unique dining experience since it is located within the Castle grounds. The Stornoway Balti House in South Beach is open until after 10pm and can be a good place to eat after a night around town. HS1 Bar in the Royal Hotel offers both beers and cocktails. Walking around town, visitors can have a drink in one of the many Beer Pubs that Stornoway has to offer. Also visit the Carlton Lounge which has two Cask Ales amongst the many different beers on its drink list.



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