Tower Bridge Port Guide

Located in the center of London in England, the Tower Bridge Port is a combination of bascule and suspension bridge. Built in the early twentieth Century as a River Crossing harbor that would increase the commercialization of trade and industry in the East End London, most people were originally hesitant about the construction. Fearing that the Towers that form part of the bridge would ruin the skyline of London, designers of the bridge decided to use a neo-Gothic exterior that would enhance the modern bridge and the connecting Tower Bridge port of call. 

Construction of the bridge took eight years with at least five contractors connected to it. Statistical records state that over 11,000 tons of steel (used as framework) and 70,000 tons of concrete (used as riverbed support) was present in the Tower Bridge construction. Inaugurated on 30 June 1894, the bridge fulfilled its mission of providing ample trade access of commercialization for river crosses. Continuing progress led to the development of a Tower Bridge cruise port to handle river cruises in the city. The Tower Bridge cruise terminal is located alongside many attractions and tourist hotspots in London. 


Strategically located in London, the Tower Bridge area offers opportunities for shopping and marketing. High-end boutiques and casual stores found in the region make shopping an easy thing to do. For clothing styles and fashion, you can visit Carducci’s Shoe Co. Limited and Monsoon Accessorize. Both stores offer branded clothes and shoes at average prices. If you are an international visitor, some stores offer tax-free items. 

If you are interested in buying local foods, a visit to the Borough market is a good idea. Vegetables, pastries and fruits offered here are fresh, organic and locally made.

Things to See

The very moment you disembark on the Tower Bridge cruise terminal, an attraction confronts you. Tower Bridge itself is a landmark that highlights the history of London. Considered as a port city in the early Roman colonization period, it affected the growth of the city which became a worldwide center of commerce and trade. Located near the port is the Tower of London; yet another historic landmark marking London’s rich history and powerful present. Intrigue and mystery comes with the construction of the Tower of London.  Primarily built as a fortress for protection against enemies, it later served as a prison for captured invaders and spies. Even in the Second World War, the Tower served as a cell for captured Nazi spies. One of the highlights of a trip in the Tower of London is seeing the Crown Jewels. Perhaps the most famous stories that abound the Tower of London are the ghosts; these are said to roam the empty halls and corridors and are fragments of the souls of prisoners long ago. 

 Restaurants and Bars

English cuisine is always a mix of different cultures and flavors. Being near to mainland Europe, several influences of French, German and Spanish dishes have made its way to English cuisines. The Zizzi Shad Thomas Restaurant for example, offers great pizzas of Italian flavors.  Another famous Italian restaurant is the Cantina del Ponte that gives well-cooked menus of Italian pasta with seafood ingredients.

English dishes to try include Yorkshire pudding, scrambled eggs and salmon, and various game meats.

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