Chalon-sur-Saone Port Guide

Located on the beautiful Saône river, the Chalon-sur-Saône port is a wonderful place to combine historical sightseeing, leisure activities and exploring the spirit of France with the various specialties and wines it offers. The Chalon-sur-Saône cruise terminal is an important spot when you travel through the famous Burgundy region. Situated in eastern France, in the heart of western Europe, it is well-known for its rich history and culture. It is a stop in many river cruises, such as Viking River Cruises, Bohneur, Avalon Waterways, CroisiEurope and more. The area is wonderful for walking tours, as there are plenty of attractions and cultural spots.


In one of the main squares, Place Saint Vincent, you can choose from wine, antiques and many other types of shops. At Nicolas on Grande rue, you will find a catalogue with fine wine collections, as well as different promotions. Learn more about the spirit of the place in Autres Ambiances on rue des Poulets. It has three exhibition rooms and wonderful collections of furniture and decoration objects. You can then go to Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, visit La Maison de Leonie and choose the best gift for your friends and family. There are sections dedicated to gardening and children as well. Then continue to rue de la Banque and take care of your health and beauty in the wellness center Institut Styl'Form, where professionals will offer you fitness activities, relaxation techniques, balneotherapy, clay and other treatments.

Things to See

There are plenty of museums to visit to satisfy the interest of all culture lovers. To know more about the history of Chalon-sur-Saône port of call and the city, visit the Heritage centre on the quai des Messageries. Travel guides will be at your disposal, to help you discover interesting facts about the city in its various perspectives and historical periods. A guided tour will normally pass through the Cathedral Saint Vincent, notable for its impressive Gothic architecture influenced by the Cluny Abbey. The next stop will be the museums of Chalon-sur-Saône, such as the Nicephore Niepce, revealing the history of photography, the Denon Museum, showing local and regional archaeological and fine art collections, including weapons, sculptures, Italian and Flemish paintings and more. About 600 species and varieties of flowers in the Geological and Botanical garden and 26,000 species of rose bushes in the Rose Garden will fully restore your vital energy, bringing you tranquility and relaxation.

Restaurants and Bars

Where to eat and where to go drink are 2 crucial questions for everyone visiting a new place. As France has amazing traditions and nightlife culture, there are many restaurants and bars to experience them both. Thtrane street with restaurants is rue de Strasbourg. You can go to Le Bourgogne, where elegant design and decoration offer an authentic experience. Choose from specialties like sour sweet duck fillet with caramelized peaches, flambé in anise oil, mix of quails and red barbets in a raspberry-flavoured sauce and many more. Finish a great evening in Le 120 on rue du Blé, where you will enjoy professional advice for your choice of wine in a cozy and warm French ambiance.

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